Wow what a summer we are having, to be honest it’s been a good year for weather here in the U.K.

Very unusual conditions that we are just not used to. Now peaple are complaining it’s to hot. I must admit it’s been to hot to work as normal so plenty of breaks and drinking plenty of water.

The weather has changed now but it’s still not bad. With the bank holiday coming up let’s hope it’s a good one. The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling off the trees so all this only means one thing. Yes winter is on its way and so is the end of our work season.

Back in the middle of July we had a ten day break. It was not really a break but we had to go back down to Devon to sort Mi Mi’s flat out as Sadly she will not be going back to it.

Not a nice ten days really as it was so hot, and Nikki had got Covid two days before we went and obviously she was very upset. We got through everything though.

While there I went for a walk on the coast path while Nikki was seeing her mum.. only a small walk and then I was going to meet Nikki at a small cafe we knew for lunch.

The walk started from Yelland and did a small loop around to Instow. It was so peaceful and after days of grafting in the hot conditions a real relieve to get out on my own and not see anybody and be surrounded by nature.

At one point on the estuary there are a couple of old wrecked boats which have been graffitied. Now some peaple will say it’s vandalised where others will say it’s art. I actually like good graffiti.

I wanted to get some photos of these old wrecks and as I approached them I could see a bunch of young lads hanging around them. As I got closer I could see they had rucksacks and a load of spray paints. These were the artists or vandals. Expecting a confrontation I started taking some photos and then said hello to one of the guys who was a bit surprised that I was talking to him.

I started to ask him about the graffiti and he got really interested that I wanted to know about it etc. The other lads then all joined in. I asked about the reaction they get from peaple passing like myself. Some like it, some hate it he said. They have permission from the boat owner who has said it will never go in the water again and is happy for them to spray it. The lads offered to move there ladder so I could get my photos. I wished them luck and really wanted to see it when finished with its new coat of art but never had time to go back.

Colourful boat wreck
Art or Not

After leaving the artists I carried on around the coast path and on to Instow and then back to Yelland to meet Niki for lunch. A small cafe we knew which was busy but we luckily got a table. After a little wait our order was taken and we waited for our food while drinking our drinks and we waited some more and some more. We watched peaple come and go while we waited for our food.

Nikki went and asked if we had been forgotten. Yes we had, really sorry. Our food soon arrived and it was very nice. To be honest by then we were so hungry we could have ate anything. When we went to pay the owner said the food is free you should not have had to wait so long for our mistake. Thank you we said and just payed for our drinks.

Soon it was time to head back to the Gower to work. The motorway was busy and so was work when we got back as now the kids have broke up from school. I got bitten by a dog on site, only a small bite but it drew blood. Luckily I walked away so the dog is still alive.

We had another weekend in Pandy on our next weekend off and managed to get to the pub on the Friday night after arriving at 7.15pm. A chill out day on Saturday and I went up the bike park on Sunday. All in glorious sunshine the whole weekend.

Yesterday we went out for a drive to Rhossili beach on the Gower. The weather was supposed to be raining and it certainly looked like it was going to but we are British so we packed our coats and still went ahead with our plans. The skys were dark and being a Sunday it would normally be packed in August. But we were early and while everyone else was in bed and the ones that did get up looked out the window and saw the dark clouds they must have gone back to bed.

Rhossili has a huge big carpark owned by the national trust. There is a hotel, a church and three cafes. A lot of peaple go there for the beach and for the walk to Worms Head. A walk you can only do when the tide is out and you have to make sure you get back before getting cut of by the tide.

Worms Head

We parked up and decided to walk to the coastguard lookout cottage. Or I decided and pointed out the coastguard cottage in the distance to Nikki and she said we will see. On the way I knew somewhere there was fields of sunflowers but was not sure where. Then I see a small sign and we were on the right track.

The sunflowers were not at there best but were still impressive. You could walk a pathway through them at a cost of £3 each so we decided to do the walk. I never knew there were so many varieties of sunflower and wished we had come to see them about a month earlier. The bees were busy collecting the pollen. I managed to get some photos and it made a nice detour from the coat path.

Busy Bee
A different sunflower

After the walk amongst the sunflowers we were given some seeds which we will plant next year wherever we are. We then continued onto the coastguards cottage which is manned by a couple of guys looking out for peaple who think they can go out on worms head and get back in ten minutes.

All the time we were walking the skys were looking like it was going to rain but it never did. We walked back to the cafe called the look out and had lunch which was very nice.

The house in the middle of the beach amongst the dunes is where I would like to live, unfortunately it’s owned by the national trust and is a holiday let. I can but dream.

Rhossili beach
Here I sat eating my ice cream dreaming