Tenby and Pembrey rolls off the tongue, that’s why this blog is titled that. But it is also a fact we have been to them both in the last month.

Nikki wanted to go to Tenby for the day on one of our days off, we have both been before but a long time ago so it was decided a trip to Tenby was in order before the main school holidays. As you know if you follow the blog I don’t like built up areas much but I wanted to go to the beach area and the old part of Tenby.

Our weekend off came around, the weather was a bit of everything for the Saturday and Sunday but we are British, we’re not going to let a bit of rain put us off, we’re not made of sugar.

Saturday morning the weather looked ok so we decided to go. I had looked on google earth and found a carpark I wanted to get to and that would have been a nice walk along the seafront to the old town. Perfect or not in this case.

We arrived at the carpark no problem, found a space no problem then joined the que to pay and here it all went wrong, machine out of order please pay by phone. Ok we have done this before. Please download the app and follow instructions. We can’t download app as no phone signal. We were not alone, there must have been about twenty peaple trying to download app and get a signal. Back in the car and off to find another carpark.

We eventually found a multi-storey carpark and went round and round and up and up and eventually came out at the top and parked up and the machine worked and because we were on top of the world we had a signal just in case we had to download an app.

By now my stomach was growling so first Job was to find something to eat. Out of the carpark and there was a chip shop so I dived in there and ordered some chips to keep us going. They had only just opened so there was a que and the staff were busy getting everything cooked and up to temperature. I apologised to the others in the que for my rumbling stomach.

Large chips went the cry out and I stepped forward licking my lips and dribbling as I grabbed them and went outside to find Nikki. We found a seat nearby and sat down to feast on our lunch. With the seagulls not far away hoping for a quick snack, not a chance here.

A walk through the town was crowded. Normally me and Nikki would part at this point, she would roam around the shops and I would go to the beach or quieter parts and then we would ring each other and meet up. This was a problem today as Nikki had forgot her phone so I had to drag along to the shops.

We were going in the right direction though towards the old part of town and harbour. And the crowds were getting less and less. Up on the headland was a old bandstand overlooking the sea with only one couple sat there gazing out to sea and so peaceful.

Tenby bandstand

We walked all around the old part, looking at the old canons on the hill left from when they were used to protect the harbour. We walked back towards the town through the old part and passed a loverly old pub with a micro brewery in one of the old lanes. Now I could have gone in there and stayed in there all afternoon.

Loverly old pub and tea room

Nikki now wants a coffee so we are on the hunt for a little tea room, we don’t want to sit indoors on a loverly day and we don’t want crowds. We pass several places and nothing appeals to us. Then just when you think your lucks run out we pass a tea room which looks like a small takeaway and ask if they have any seating upstairs, no sorry we don’t but we have a small area out the back, come this way.

Imagining we will be sat out the back amongst the bins and boxes like tramps we follow the lady through the back door. WOW is all we can say. A small courtyard with a couple of tables within a walled garden and the sun was shining on the whole yard and best of all we had it all to ourselves.

Secret garden

After our coffee, Hot-chocolate and a slice of cake each we left and not without telling them what a wonderful place it was. Heading back to the car I needed a pit stop. We found a public toilet but you had to pay, 40p and you could pay by contactless. 40p for a wee how times have changed.

A few days later we had another day off, we do work some days you know but you don’t want me to blog about them. Niki was going shopping etc so I decided to go out on my bike along the old railway line towards the coast and then along the cycle way to Swansea. But not into the big city bright lights area, I was going to stay on the outside where the marina and dock lands areas are. Urban biking can be fun, not as much fun as bike parks but if it’s quiet and empty can be fun.

Urban biking

As I biked around the marinas and old buildings looking at some old trawlers and some multi pound boats bobbing around in the harbours I thought how peaceful it was then relized it was only 9 am so good time ing on my part, get up early and get out and about before the commuters are on there way to work.

Old trawler

Another weekend off and we are of to Pembrey in the camper. We had this planned months ago, it gives the camper a run and gets us off site. Pembrey is a site we have stayed at before and like and this time we had friends who were going to be there so it was a great time to catch up with them.

We would finish work at 5pm, shower and on the road. Arriving on a site on a Friday which our always busy after 5 is pain because your choice of pitches is limited and Pembrey was fully booked this weekend. We arrived and checked in and were shown a map with the remaing six pitches on. Looking at the map the pitch we were on before when we came here was vacant so we said we would take that one as we knew we would fit on it. So off we went to get set up and would you believe it as we pulled up to get on the pitch our friends were right opposite. How bizarre is that.

We had a quick catch up and arranged to catch up again the next day. The next day we got together and walked down the beach from site about a fifteen minute walk. The weather was fantastic and hot so we had to stop for an ice cream on the way back.

Was so good to catch up with them and the plan for Sunday was to go out in there car to another beach, a pub stop on the way back and then a BBQ back at our pitch. What a great plan.

The beach we headed for was Llansteffan beach which is part of the estuary but so nice.

Llansteffan beach

Free parking at the beach which is very rare, a kiosk to get some chips and another stroll on another beach oh and an ice cream before we left. A pub stop on the way back in a proper old pub in a small village called Llansaint where we sat outside and had a couple of pints of real ale and cold glasses of wine no chips though.

After leaving the pub we went back to base and got all set up for a BBQ and of course some more beer and wine and chatter. A great evening with great company. The next day it was back to work.

Faces in the flowers