Six months wait

The days have been passing, the months have been passing until the lockdown rules are changing. I know they have been changing at different times between England, Scotland and wales. And I also know it’s been longer than six months for all these changes.

The thing is the six month wait refers to me and Nikki having a proper day out. The last time was when we went to Lincoln last October to get our new fridge in the camper. We then spent a day in the old part of Lincoln, had lunch out and then a meal and drinks in the pub in the evening, a proper day out.

Yesterday was one of our days off, the weather was hot and sunny so a day out was planned. And most important the pubs in wales were opening for outside drinks and food. And we just so happen to have a pub right across the road from us.

But first our day out. We decided to go to Portmeirion, we never got the chance to go last year. We booked our tickets online and planned to get there early to avoid all the crowds because I wanted to take some photos.

Portmeirion is a tourist village designed and built by Sir Clough williams Ellis between 1925 and 1975. It’s styled on an Italian village and is now owned by a charitable trust. It’s famous for the filming of the film The Prisoner. There’s a hotel there, gift shops and cafes. It’s only a eight mile drive for us to get there and they opened at 9.30am so no need to rush although we were first through the gate.

The buildings are all brightly painted and the views from certain points are amazing. We timed it just right with the sun out and as it sits on the edge of an estuary the tide was in and with no wind the water was calm.

I took about 120 phots but won’t bore you with all of them. These are just some of my favourite ones I took.

As you can see the colours are fantastic. We spoke to a painter decorator there and he said how busy he was all the time. We wandered around and then decided to have a spot of lunch. Just sat outside in the sun watching the world go by. It was good to be out again properly. There is a coast/ woodland walk from there also which we did after lunch. Again fantastic views from certain points.

After our walk we went and sat down in the sun again and just watched the world go by thinking how nice it was to have a proper day out. Sod the expense this is what we work for, to enjoy life. After arriving at 9.30am and having a good look around etc we left at 1 30pm. Admission was £13 each and lunch was £20 we never ate in the hotel.

Back to base for a chill out for an hour, then shower and then off to support the local pub which opened at midday. The sun still shining which was good as all the seating is out side. All the tables set out with plenty of space and table service only. A few drinks and a nice meal and that was us done in for the day. A short stroll home to bed. The end of a great day which we had waited six months for. Just got to save up now for the next one.

Have a rest

We had snow

When I said we had snow what I meant was we had a dusting of snow unless you were up on the mountains or on top of Snowdon itself. But even so the weather has been strange. We got battered with up-to 70 mph gusts of wind, then it all calmed down and warmed up enough for us to sit outside in the sun with a cool beer and get the BBQ fired up thinking summer is on its way.

Then the wind turned on us from the north and east and although it was sunny it was bloody freezing. Then Easter Monday we had snow. Just a dusting on low ground but it did look nice.

My Snowdon garden
Dusting of snow

Ellis from the small holding across the road bought us some eggs over from his chickens. They range from small bantam eggs to turkey eggs. And all were very nice. He has a collection of chickens ,Guinea fowl and four huge turkeys. They Rome around on his land and out side on the lane etc as free as they like. He has to search here there and everywhere for the eggs. We always check them by putting them in a bowl of water. If they float they are bad, they should all sink. We have never had a bad one and they are very nice.

Free range Easter eggs

We have just had our long weekend off so decided to go away, gives the camper a run and gets us off site. We chose a site up on Anglesey, just over an hour away. We had not been to this one before but stayed on one just two miles down the road from it last year. It’s in the middle of nowhere but the idea was just to chill as it’s been busy here and a lot going on.

The site was called Penrhos and is just outside Brynteg. There was only two other units on site on Sunday. But there was another twenty booked in on Monday which is when all the travel restrictions were lifted but still not busy. Fantastic views from the site across the fields to the mountains of Snowdonia and Snowdon itself in the distance all covered in snow.

We had a loverly area all to ourselves for the first night and then two others came in but plenty of space.

Our peaceful spot
View from the driveway of the site.

We saw a red squirrel while walking around the site and lots different birds including, pheasants, partridge, woodpecker, blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits, goldfinches and we even managed to sit outside in the sun while having a beer so that was a bonus.

This site at Penrhos was the 70th site we have stayed on since getting this camper in February 2014. That’s seventy different sites and some we have been back to. That seventy sites include sites in England, Wales, France, Spain and Portugal. So as you can see we do use our camper. Some peaple only go away once or twice a year in theirs Have wheels will travel is my motto.

So that’s us up to speed with you all. It’s good that the country is slowly coming out and about and getting back to some sort of normal. The pubs here in wales are still closed and don’t open until the 26th April and then only outside. We are back at work this afternoon and thinking it’s going to be a busy season. But we will still get away once a month on our long weekends off. Stay safe everybody.

Open for business

We are now open for business but you can only come here if you live in Wales at the moment. That’s what Mr Drakeford has said so Nikki has been busy phoning peaple who have booked from England, sorry but you’re not allowed to come here to stay at the moment. It’s been a busy time getting everything ready but worth it.

We opened the gates last Saturday and had four arrivals who were all pleased to be getting away. Nikki was also very pleased as it meant I had someone else to talk to. A steady flow of peaple have been coming in over the last week.

Nikki went off shopping and on her way back she said she saw three police cars speeding towards Porthmadog. It turned out there had been a murder. Apparently a 65 year old man was killed by his son.

The site is looking nice and now the weather has gone from 60+ mph winds to 18 degrees and sunshine just as it was our two days off.

We decided to go for a little trip out on one of the days to Borth Y Gest a small village on the edge of Porthmadog. Nikki made a picnic up and managed to fill my backpack with other come in handy stuff we might need on our small hike around the coast path to a small beach.

Borth Y Gest

We parked up and loaded the rucksack onto my back and as my legs sank to the ground with all the come in handy stuff we laughed. Getting back to my feet and off we went along the coast path. The tide was in and the sun was shining. What a beautiful day. The coast path is so nice and the spot I wanted to get to meant a steep climb down some steps.

Steep steps up or down.

Nikki managed the steps ok even with her little legs. We got to our destination and sat on the bench just staring out across the estuary at the mountains and the small bay arcing it’s way from us both left and right. The only noise being birds singing and a small child screaming now and then who was with his parents.

Peace and tranquility.

At the end of the headland you can just see a house. It’s called the powder house. Built in the mid 18th century to store explosives because they did not want the explosives stored in Porthmadog harbour, so the ships would drop it off at the powder house. Very carefully.

It’s now used as a holiday let and valued at £464,000 and what a location. I left Nikki sitting on the picnic bench and went off exploring the coast path a bit further, up to the house and just around the corner. I loved this other bench with the wording I found on my way. It says Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.

I sat here for a while and then made my way back to eat our picnic food. At least that made the rucksack lighter for on the way back. A three mile round trip and a great day out followed by a BBQ and beer when we got back. Life’s good. I saved my favourite photo of the day until last. Stay safe everyone we’re nearly there.

Leave only footprints.

Mike = 1 Nikki = 1

How bazare is that. Just an hour after finishing my last blog post and saying to you all that me and Nikki are so young it will be ages before we have our Covid jabs. Nikki went online and could book my first jab and my second one but not hers as she is that little bit younger than me.

That’s good but it’s not that simple. Because we live in Devon but are working in Wales it meant that when you fill the online form in and put your postcode of where you are, us being in Wales the nearest place we could get it done was Oswestry about 55 miles away meaning a round trip of 110 miles to have someone stick a needle in me. The welsh don’t want to stick needles in English folk.

So a drive it was to Oswestry, about an hour and twenty minutes. Even though the government advice is don’t drive, the government are also saying go to Oswestry to get your jab. You work it out I can’t. Still it was a nice drive out and it all went well. Really well organised at the hospital and in, jabbed, and out in less than 15 minutes and back on the road home to site. I stopped off at lake Celyn to get a photo as it’s so nice. The road between here and Bala is such a nice drive.

Lake Celyn

A week later Nikki could book hers and has now had her first jab. Another 110 mile round trip. We tried to book our second ones on the same day just to save a trip but they can’t do that as it’s not in the time scale. I can’t see how a week makes any difference but the powers that be say it does so who are we to argue, the main thing is we will be both jabbed. So by the time we have both been jabbed twice we will have travelled 440 miles and had four trips out. We both had the AstraZeneca. They said there could be side effects. I felt achey all over that night and was shivering from head to toe and the next day felt like I had been run over by a bus but then all ok. Nikki felt ok but then yesterday felt a bit rough but is ok now.

The day after my jab was the first day at work to get the site ready. We both worked really hard, going in everyday for eight days and the site is looking good. We are due to open on the 27th of this month but only to the welsh because the English cannot travel. Why the welsh and English can’t agree on things and make life simple so everyone knows what they can do and can’t do is beyond me.

Although we will be open to the welsh, the pubs and high street shops will not be open and all the attractions will be closed. Madness. So we don’t expect it to be really busy until the travel restrictions in England are lifted.

We are now furloughed until further notice. Plenty of time to go out on bike or walking.

Out on the trails

So that’s us up to date again. Weather has been very windy up to 70mph gusts but has settled down now. Spring is on its way and the plants and flowers are showing signs of life. Life’s looking good. Stay safe, get jabbed everyone, we’re on the road to recovery.

Nearly there.

Work clothes ready

It’s good to be back here in Snowdonia and on site. We have had all sorts of weather since we got here including snow, frost, hail, heavy rain, light rain, wind from a breeze to 60MPH gusts and we have even had some sunshine.

The snow was a joke really just a light dusting and all gone the same day. I was hoping to get some nice snow pictures but that didn’t happen. The week we had that was dry but with a bitter wind was nice, being that it was dry but the wind cut right through you. I even thought about putting some trousers on but the thought went out of my head. In this cold spell our fridge freezer in our garage stopped working, just switched itself off and said it’s too cold. I didn’t realise they did this but with some research it’s true. It is fine now it’s warmed up a bit. At least the beer and wine were chilled.

We have been out for walks and of course I have been out on my bike on the dry but cold days, the wet and windy days are spent in the camper and for me in the garage pottering about. The photo below is part of one of the walks. I love this bit with the moss covered walls and the way the sunlight has caught it giving it a lovely colour. The horses are always pleased to see peaple.

On our walk
Give us a kiss

Nikki has been doing some baking while being stuck inside which is very nice, not the being stuck inside but the cakes and pies she has been making. It’s a good job the bad days are only one or two days otherwise with her baking and us eating if the bad weather went on for a week or more we would not fit out the door. It was all very nice.

Apple and choc chip muffins

Walking around the site it’s nice seeing it all come to life with the daffodils starting to come out and the buds in the trees. I put two bird boxes up in our compound last year and they are getting viewings from the blue tits so hopefully they will nest in them. Reliant is still about, he has been spoilt through the winter but has started to come in the garage again now. There are piles of acorns on the ground everywhere from all the oak trees and the squirrels are feasting on them.

Last years fall of acorns

This weekend apart from being a big weekend for the rugby when England play Wales, it’s also a big decision for me. I have not had a haircut for four months and not had a shave all this year so I look like Robinson Crusoe. I won’t post pictures of this as I don’t want to scare you all or put you off your food. So it will be out with the clippers and razor and decide what to do.

We start work next Thursday getting the site ready even though it’s not going to open on time at least it will be ready. We think it’s going to be very busy this season which will be nice. So that’s us up to date. Hope you’re all staying safe and are having your Covid jabs. Me and Nikki being only youngsters, it will be a long time before we get ours. Stay safe everybody we’re nearly there.

Some colour on site.

Crossing the border

We made up our minds it was time to head back to North wales for our work season. (Essential travel) With wales and England being in lockdown we knew the chances of getting stopped were high, especially for me in the camper and even higher crossing the border into Wales.

We set a date of the fourth of February which was a month before our normal time of getting back but it was time to move on. I kept my eye on the weather charts and they were not looking too good with lots of heavy rain and snow. Last year the A5 in certain places was flooded really bad and also got closed because of snow at one point. Even if we had to change our day of travel by a day or two it did not matter.

Nearer the time the weather charts were looking good so we were on plan A to travel on 4th February, we had a letter from the club we work for saying that we were employees and travelling for work. It’s not the getting stopped that was in our minds it was the getting stopped and answering a lot of questions and how many times would we get stopped and have to explain ourselves once again, all this eating into our travel time.

The journey was 285 miles via the A361, M5, M6, M54, A5, A494, A4212 and the A470. Travelling in two vehicles but not sticking together as Nikki stops more than me. The weather was good even sunny for most of the journey. Nikki stopped about five times and I only stopped once for a pee and then at a service area on the outskirts of Oswestry where we had planned to meet up. I arrived first with Nikki only five minutes behind. We ate our sandwiches which Nikki had made the day before, refuelled the camper and onwards again for the last leg of the journey.

The whole journey took six hours from leaving Devon to pulling onto site. In all that time I only saw two police vehicles on the M6 and some parked up at a police station on the A5. They must all be furloughed. Did we get stopped? No we sailed through every county border even Wales. I am sure there would be lots of peaple on seeing the camper on the road muttering what’s he doing going on holiday etc without thinking about why I was out driving it. You should always know the facts before commenting or saying something.

It’s good to be back on site although I don’t think they will open on time but at least we are here. The next day after getting here I washed both camper and car to get rid of all the travel muck and today the sun is shining and I can see snow on the tops of the mountains. Looking at the forecast we are in for some cold weather next week with the temperature not going above freezing and then some snow later on in the week. I don’t care now I am here and would love to have a load of snow for a few days.

So that’s us up to date, back in wales now for nine months and hopefully doing some of the things we wanted to last year but never got round to because of lockdown etc. Stay safe everybody.

Frustrating Times

This has got to be the worst winter ever for me. It’s a combination of things, winter blues, Covid, stuck in one place etc. And I didn’t win the lotto this weekend after telling Nikki I was going to win and then she spent hours on the internet looking at houses ……with big garages I must add.

I do struggle with winters, I do like to see the snow but only for a couple of days and if I don’t have to go anywhere. I hate the constant rainy windy days. I need sun in my back, on my face, I need that heat to make me function properly. I know there is a condition called SAD, seasonal affected disorder. Nikki thinks I suffer from this in a mild form and I agree the winter does effect me.

It’s worse this year because of the dreaded Covid. We have been really good and not just going out and about for the sake of it. There are so many peaple we wanted to catch up with while here in Devon but we haven’t seen anybody, I wanted to go surfing while down here, surf my local beaches, walk on the beach etc. But to drive from where we are staying is a twenty mile drive each way so not really a essential journey.

And then you look on the news and see so many peaple just doing what they want, driving miles just to get fish and chips go for a walk on a beach go to their second homes and those same peaple will go home and watch the news and wonder why the infection rate is not going away. Frustrating times.

Ok I am getting off my soapbox now and bring you up to speed on what we have been up to. We had a spell of very wet and windy weather, you know just the sort I hate but we can’t stop it. The small river that runs through the campsite was very high, probably about four to five feet above its normal level. We were in no danger unless it came up another twenty feet so no panic.

Swollen river Mole

I have been out on my bike (allowed daily exercise ) starting from home. Had a great ride the other day up onto Exmoor. Although it was on the road which I don’t really like much preferring off road and bike parks. I stick to the small roads so less traffic apart from the odd tractor and farmers 4×4 I normally make the ride up as I go along or look on google maps before setting off and try and remember a route. So the other day I went out to a place called Landacre. It’s a small bridge over the river and in the summer is a popular place for families to go with the kids and play in the river.

Landacre bridge

That day was too cold for playing in the river. I then carried on to a small village called Withypool. It’s a typical Exmoor village where every one knows everyone and the curtains twitch as you go by and you imagine them sat there rubbing their hands and muttering …..New Blood. The village has one store which serves as a shop, post office, meeting place. Even has an old petrol pump outside which is not used now. I didn’t venture inside, I am brave but not that brave in these times. Opposite the village shop are some old petrol pumps which used to serve the village, sadly not used now but nice to see them still there.

Withypools old pumps

I stopped briefly to take some photos but kept one eye on the surroundings and my bike. I then continued on my bike ride so all in all I by the time I got back to base I had done 28 miles and my elevation gain was 3248 ft. In all that time I probably only saw about six cars and one other person. A great ride out which does me the world of good.

Nikki doesn’t come out on her bike with me unless we just go for a little cruise along a flat esplanade so she goes out for a walk from base. Up into south molton and here there and everywhere, she often pops into the supermarket and gets a few bits. I go with her sometimes. It’s a nice walk up through a woodland then round the old part of the town. If we go on a Thursday the farmers livestock market is on where they sell all the sheep. I love the smell as we walk past there, and the sound of the auctioneer doing his selling, takes me right back to my childhood days when my mum would go into Oxford to go shopping and leave me in the indoor market watching them sell the cows, pigs and sheep. The smell also takes me right back to going to my dads parents farm up in Wales.

The old church in south molton

The above picture of the old church in south molton with Nikki waiting outside. I think she wanted to go in and see if they could change some water into wine or confess her sins. I love the old door, I wonder how many peaple have been through that door over the many years.

Old church door

We had some snow yesterday, not a lot but it did settle but then started melting and the day consisted of snow, hail, sleet and rain and then froze overnight so today looks very dodgy out there. We won’t be going anywhere in the car but will have a walk.

So that’s up to date, sorry about the doom and gloom bit at the beginning but I am sure some of you know how I feel. We are into February next week so will soon be on the road to Wales to start work. That should be an interesting drive. Stay safe everybody.

Picnic anybody

It’s got to get better

Happy new year to you all. Let’s hope this year is better than the last one. Surely things can only get better. Fingers crossed.

We are still here in south Molton, we decided to stay here instead of going north although it’s costing us more money it’s nearer to MiMi (Nikki’s mum). We get payed at the end of March so it will be fine, we can have toast with our beans then. The timing was not right to leave Devon yet. The site is actually closed now because Boris said but they allow key workers and peaple who are in between house buying etc to stay. It’s very quiet here.

We had our first bit of snow on the 28th of January, not enough to stop life here in Devon but it was snow. It went as soon as it appeared. New Year’s Eve was really strange this year, it was so quiet. Not that we stay up for it anyway but normally we hear fireworks going off and peaple rolling out the pubs etc depending where we are on New Year’s Eve. The site has a club house which would normally be full with peaple eating and drinking and they have a band, and disco which all goes on very late, but this year they had to close it all down the day before because Boris said so. so this year it was very quiet.

Not a lot of snow

January 1st was MiMi’s birthday so we were going over to say happy birthday. We woke to a real hard frost -5 all the trees were white and the grass all crispy, the heating in the camper was working on overtime but we were all snug as a bug. I had to go out to take some photos for this blog and as soon as I stepped outside I thought if it gets any colder I might have to put some trousers on. Those thoughts never lasted very long. For those that don’t know me I never stepped out the van in my pants although I have done before but I wear shorts all year round. Not to be big or clever it’s just more comfortable for me and as long as I am all wrapped up on top my legs don’t get cold at all.

A moles view

Yesterday we decided to have a drive out to Wistlandpound reservoir to go for a walk. It’s about a twenty minute drive. The reservoir was built in1956. It’s owned by south west water, holds up to 1550 mega litres of water which is 341 million gallons. So glad I never had to empty it by bucket to find that info out. And it’s 22 metres deep in places.

It’s only a short walk around the reservoir about a mile and a half but it’s nice going around the waters edge and through the pine woods. There were a few peaple about walking off there Xmas feastings but not enough to worry about because of all the space. And it was very slippery in places with ice due to the frosty conditions over the last couple of days.

A seat for reflecting on life.
3D Trees

Half way around on the edge of the lake we saw these trees. The colour and the light conditions almost made them look like they were in 3D and with some of them reflecting in the still water made it all so unreal but amazing. We thought so anyway. The pine woods were also nice to see in winter.

The Pine woods

After the walk we went back home for lunch and just as we got back it poured with rain, good timing in our side. I planned it like that really. Today it’s raining so the temperature has come up to about 4 degrees. Tomorrow I have to go into Barnstaple to get my medication. Yes life has caught me up and after having blood tests they say I have high cholesterol so I need to take some medication (satins) I must admit I don’t like the idea of taking pills everyday but if the experts say I need to then I should listen to them. It’s better than taking the risk of a heart attack or stroke. I have so many more places in the world to see and so many more things to do before they do away with me. Stay safe everybody and keep taking your pills.

The road to who knows where.

Back and forth

Here we go again, just as you think you have a plan the goal posts move. Our plan was to stay at Dulverton then move on to Minehead, then cheddar and then into Wales before finally ending up at site ready to start work in March.

Just as we were getting comfortable at Dulverton and loving every minute of the peace and quiet, the sound of the river, the walks, the biking. We even planned on going to the pub for a substantial meal and a beer or two next week. I think it’s the first time we have been to the Dulverton site and not been to the pub.

The wardens told us all the club sites are closing on the 26th and we have to leave. Gutted. The club does have some sites open for waifs and strays like us but the nearest was up near Birmingham and we don’t really like the site. So we decided to come back to south molton so we are still able to see Nikki’s mum. We will spend two weeks here and see what Boris is going to do with the country then but we’re not holding our breath.

A couple of days ago We went to church, not to pray or nick the lead off the roof just to take some photos at night I wanted to do some in black and white. Then on the way back we popped in the fish and chip shop to get some tea to take home.

Dulverton church at night
Another angle

The village really does a great job with all their Xmas lights etc. All the trees on the shops have the same coloured lights, the shop windows are all decorated, it’s a real village community. It’s a shame the pubs are not able to be open as normal. Walking past the pubs windows and not seeing anyone in them was a first. Normally there is always someone in there from midday onwards.

Empty tables waiting

I went for one last walk up the woods above the campsite. A three mile walk and didn’t see a soul which was nice. The walk follows the river although you are a lot higher than it most of the time then you take a higher path and I even caught a glimpse of our camper through the trees. You can just see it in the middle of the picture.

I spy home

Leaving Dulverton today was interesting on the roads. Yesterday we had so much rain and the river leval was very high I knew there would be a lot of water on the country roads. In some places I had to drive on the other side of the road because of the amount of water but nothing too deep luckily. Tomorrow is Xmas day and we will go and spend it with Nikki’s mum. Stay safe everybody.

Dulverton town hall

Exmoor’s charm

Now we are at Dulverton again another site we have been to many times. It’s right in the village of Dulverton beside the river Barle. No Traffic noise day or night just the sound of the river rushing along. Made greater by the rain we have had in the last couple of days. There are not many on site due to the current situation in the country, a lot have cancelled.

Morning sun lighting up the arches.

The above picture of the sun lighting up the arches of the bridge into the village sets the scene for the village. You often see canoeists paddling by and in the summer kids will play in the river. The narrow roads add charm to the village although can be a bit tricky getting to the site in a 30ft camper, but slow and steady is the way to go. Some streets you just can’t go down or up though only on a bike.

Not for the camper this one.

Being on Exmoor means there is lots of biking trails for me, narrow lanes and bridle ways, big hills up and big hills down. Last year when we were here I biked out to Tarr steps and wanted to go there again only this time do a bit of a loop so I came to it one way crossed it and came back another way.

Many years ago I used to go up on Exmoor every weekend mountain biking and have biked across the bridge at Tarr steps and gone through the river in the summer. Now it was winter, the stones will be slippery, they’re not very even, they have gaps in them that could catch you out, the rivers cold and running fast, no one is about to fish me out if I fall in, my bike could disappear. Should I get there and walk across. What do you think. Of course I got there took some photos and rode across with a big grin on my face when I got to the other side.

Tarr steps

Tarr steps is what they call a clapper bridge although I never heard anyone clapping when I got to the other side. It’s 55 metres long and been there a very long time. It’s right in a valley so a big down hill to get to it and a big up hill to bike back up.

Another thing I wanted to do while we were down in Devon was to get Ellis some real Devon cider. Ellis is the welsh guy that has a small holding opposite the campsite we were working on in Snowdonia. He supplied us with the very nice trout we had all through the summer. Chatting to him he said he liked a cider with his tea in the evening. So I told him I would bring him some back next year. I knew just the place to get some from.

Indicknowle cider and farm shop is on the edge of Exmoor but still in Devon. They rear all their own animals and make cider. The cider is made from apples from their own orchard. The apples are blended, milled, and pressed using Victorian equipment using the same methods the family has used since the 1870’s and then stored in oak barrels. So when I say it’s proper cider, it’s proper farm cider. Not the manufactured stuff you get in the super market which has never seen an apple in its production.

The cider cellar

I was chatting to the owner about the way it’s made and working on the farm. He was saying it’s a hard life but very enjoyable. He offered me some cider to try before I buy, but I declined the offer telling him it was for a friend and me and cider don’t really get on. I have had a couple of dodgy nights on the cider, well the nights were ok it was the next day that was dodgy so me and cider are no longer friends.

So that’s us up to date on our travels, we are missing France, Spain and Portugal in the winter but other things have taken priority this last two years, and with Covid and brexit happening now who knows what will happen next winter for us. Watch this space. We don’t do Xmas as you will know if you follow this blog so I will wish you all a happy holiday. Stay safe out there.

Still some leaves to fall in Dulverton.