Back and forth

Here we go again, just as you think you have a plan the goal posts move. Our plan was to stay at Dulverton then move on to Minehead, then cheddar and then into Wales before finally ending up at site ready to start work in March.

Just as we were getting comfortable at Dulverton and loving every minute of the peace and quiet, the sound of the river, the walks, the biking. We even planned on going to the pub for a substantial meal and a beer or two next week. I think it’s the first time we have been to the Dulverton site and not been to the pub.

The wardens told us all the club sites are closing on the 26th and we have to leave. Gutted. The club does have some sites open for waifs and strays like us but the nearest was up near Birmingham and we don’t really like the site. So we decided to come back to south molton so we are still able to see Nikki’s mum. We will spend two weeks here and see what Boris is going to do with the country then but we’re not holding our breath.

A couple of days ago We went to church, not to pray or nick the lead off the roof just to take some photos at night I wanted to do some in black and white. Then on the way back we popped in the fish and chip shop to get some tea to take home.

Dulverton church at night
Another angle

The village really does a great job with all their Xmas lights etc. All the trees on the shops have the same coloured lights, the shop windows are all decorated, it’s a real village community. It’s a shame the pubs are not able to be open as normal. Walking past the pubs windows and not seeing anyone in them was a first. Normally there is always someone in there from midday onwards.

Empty tables waiting

I went for one last walk up the woods above the campsite. A three mile walk and didn’t see a soul which was nice. The walk follows the river although you are a lot higher than it most of the time then you take a higher path and I even caught a glimpse of our camper through the trees. You can just see it in the middle of the picture.

I spy home

Leaving Dulverton today was interesting on the roads. Yesterday we had so much rain and the river leval was very high I knew there would be a lot of water on the country roads. In some places I had to drive on the other side of the road because of the amount of water but nothing too deep luckily. Tomorrow is Xmas day and we will go and spend it with Nikki’s mum. Stay safe everybody.

Dulverton town hall

Exmoor’s charm

Now we are at Dulverton again another site we have been to many times. It’s right in the village of Dulverton beside the river Barle. No Traffic noise day or night just the sound of the river rushing along. Made greater by the rain we have had in the last couple of days. There are not many on site due to the current situation in the country, a lot have cancelled.

Morning sun lighting up the arches.

The above picture of the sun lighting up the arches of the bridge into the village sets the scene for the village. You often see canoeists paddling by and in the summer kids will play in the river. The narrow roads add charm to the village although can be a bit tricky getting to the site in a 30ft camper, but slow and steady is the way to go. Some streets you just can’t go down or up though only on a bike.

Not for the camper this one.

Being on Exmoor means there is lots of biking trails for me, narrow lanes and bridle ways, big hills up and big hills down. Last year when we were here I biked out to Tarr steps and wanted to go there again only this time do a bit of a loop so I came to it one way crossed it and came back another way.

Many years ago I used to go up on Exmoor every weekend mountain biking and have biked across the bridge at Tarr steps and gone through the river in the summer. Now it was winter, the stones will be slippery, they’re not very even, they have gaps in them that could catch you out, the rivers cold and running fast, no one is about to fish me out if I fall in, my bike could disappear. Should I get there and walk across. What do you think. Of course I got there took some photos and rode across with a big grin on my face when I got to the other side.

Tarr steps

Tarr steps is what they call a clapper bridge although I never heard anyone clapping when I got to the other side. It’s 55 metres long and been there a very long time. It’s right in a valley so a big down hill to get to it and a big up hill to bike back up.

Another thing I wanted to do while we were down in Devon was to get Ellis some real Devon cider. Ellis is the welsh guy that has a small holding opposite the campsite we were working on in Snowdonia. He supplied us with the very nice trout we had all through the summer. Chatting to him he said he liked a cider with his tea in the evening. So I told him I would bring him some back next year. I knew just the place to get some from.

Indicknowle cider and farm shop is on the edge of Exmoor but still in Devon. They rear all their own animals and make cider. The cider is made from apples from their own orchard. The apples are blended, milled, and pressed using Victorian equipment using the same methods the family has used since the 1870’s and then stored in oak barrels. So when I say it’s proper cider, it’s proper farm cider. Not the manufactured stuff you get in the super market which has never seen an apple in its production.

The cider cellar

I was chatting to the owner about the way it’s made and working on the farm. He was saying it’s a hard life but very enjoyable. He offered me some cider to try before I buy, but I declined the offer telling him it was for a friend and me and cider don’t really get on. I have had a couple of dodgy nights on the cider, well the nights were ok it was the next day that was dodgy so me and cider are no longer friends.

So that’s us up to date on our travels, we are missing France, Spain and Portugal in the winter but other things have taken priority this last two years, and with Covid and brexit happening now who knows what will happen next winter for us. Watch this space. We don’t do Xmas as you will know if you follow this blog so I will wish you all a happy holiday. Stay safe out there.

Still some leaves to fall in Dulverton.

Back in Devon

We left Cirencester on 22nd of November to head for Devon. We needed to get down there to see Nikki’s mum and sort so much stuff out for her. We had doctor and dentist appointments and the car and camper were both booked in for mot and services.

Because we were both going to be driving different vehicles we had a plan to go a certain way and stop at Taunton Deane services for a pit stop and snack which we had made. I left as Nikki was still putting in the sat nav directions in the car and somehow I went off in a different direction to her. So I carried on and she carried on. I thought she will catch me up soon especially when we get on the motorway.

I got to the motorway and still no sign of her so I just carried on cruising along at about 60 mph knowing she will catch me up. Meanwhile Nikki is just cruising along thinking I will catch her up. I approached the service area and thought no sign of her she must have gone on by so I stayed on the motorway. Just after leaving the motorway I pulled over for a pit stop then carried on to the campsite.

I was just checking in when Nikki messaged me to say she had just got to the service area, I was about half an hour in front of her somehow. We did laugh.

The campsite we were now on was only open for key workers and peaple who were in between buying houses etc, so was not very busy. We have stayed here before and it’s not to far away from Nikki’s mums.

We went to see Nikki’s mum the next day and was good to see her and I am sure she was pleased to see us. The long list of things to do is getting shorter by the day although I am sure there are a few add ons.

Our trip to the doctors was ok and the dentist apart from the cost but you can’t put a price on a nice smile can you. The car had its mot service and cam belt and water pump done so that was a big bill. But again you can’t put a price on that smile you get from driving it. Perhaps the dentist and garage should get together and come up with a deal. Smiles per miles. Nikki’s mums car also had a mot. Her car had been sat in her garage for a year and sadly she is never going to drive again so it’s got to go. I got it started and took it for an mot. It needed a new battery but apart from that was all ok. It’s now up for sale but it’s the wrong time of year so near to Xmas to be selling it. And we leave the area this weekend so that causes more problems.

The camper also had its mot and service and I asked for the levelling jacks to be refurbed. It’s all been done but I have not had the bill yet. To be honest I don’t want the bill because that one is not going to make me smile. Still it’s got to be done. If the wheels don’t turn we can not travel.

Before we left wales I cut my hair. On the first of November and decided I was not going to cut it again until I get back to wales on the first of March. But I did have another hair cut. My beard had been bugging me for ages, not growing like I wanted it to etc so I cut three inches off it. After another few days while Nikki was out I decided it had to go so out with the kitchen scissors and it’s all gone. After having it hanging on my chin for Severn years it felt odd. Nikki is still staring at me strangely but she has always done that anyway. Nikki also changed her hair colour which looks very nice.

On the beach

It’s nice being next to the sea again although the surf has been rubbish so I have not been surfing. We have been down the beach and yesterday I went down the beach on my own to chill by the sea. I also wanted to check out a new bike facility on the way. In Braunton they have built a pump track. A pump track is a serious of humps and bends to practice certain things on your bike. It’s an all weather one also and should be quiet at this time of year, not to many kids so I plan on going down to have a go around it while they are all at school.

A nice berm
Humps and berms

Our travel plans have all changed for the winter because of Covid. We had planned on seeing family and friends etc but due to the tier system we decided it’s best not to visit but keep ourself to ourself as much as we can. So I do apologise to those of you who were looking forward to buying us a beer and catching up. There’s always next year.

Wish these were my driveway gates

We are moving from this site on Sunday and going to Dulverton, another site we have been on before. We will be there for three weeks. Its a bit further away from Nikki’s mum but we we will still go and see her. After that we will be going to Minehead and then onto cheddar before heading back to wales to start work again and get some money in the bank. Getting fed up with beans on toast now. Stay safe every body.

An Old street in south molton

Strange sights

One of the things I was looking forward to about coming to Cirencester was just down the road on Bird lip hill, do birds have lips ? was a bike park, a playground for me to go off and play on my bike, giving Nikki some peace and quiet. But Boris said no Mike the bike park has to close. Thanks Boris. I argued the case pointing out that when on the trails you don’t see anyone and if you do keeping two metres apart is easy. But the answer was still no.

So I was forced to go out in my bike on the road. I love being out in my bike but not on the road. For me it’s boring and don’t get me started on the traffic. I think everyone who takes driving lessons now should ride a bike for a day or two around towns etc and then they would realise just how much room they should give peaple on bikes etc.

Luckily when I go out from the site I can avoid most traffic and try and use all the small back roads, that way I rarely see cars just the odd tractor. That was until the other day when out in my bike just making a route up as I went along I came across a main road the A429. When I say main road it’s not like a major busy road but bigger than a rural lane. We drive along it when leaving here heading for the M4. No I never ended up on the M4 on my bike.

I knew where I was when I came onto this road and knew just down the road was a place called Kemble which has an airfield now called Cotswold Airport. When we have driven down this road last year you can see over the other side of the airfield old planes, some complete others in parts. But now parked up right next to the road are a line of 747’s. You can almost touch them.

Beware low flying planes

It’s not everyday you see these big planes up so close especially when your out for a bike ride. Plenty of room for me to park the bike up and take some pictures. There is a company that use the airport called ASI Air salvage international. Basically a scrapyard for planes but a posh one. This company strip parts and store them, they do refits where they will strip a part off and transport it anywhere in the world and refit to another plane. Refits on the interior for training etc, film shoots and they will store your old planes here for you. A scrapyard on a grand scale, not like your old car scrapyard you used to see years ago. So if you need a part for your 747 etc these guys just might have what your looking for.

Line Em up
So close

After taking some photos I got back on my bike and headed for Cirencester to complete my 22 mile bike ride. And I didn’t see one tractor that day just a load of 747 jumbo jets. You try making people believe that when you tell them.

Another photo opportunity I wanted to try was to put some lights on my bike and take photos of it in the dark. No not Xmas lights just normal bike lights. Well not quite normal but very good bike lights. Bike lights have come a long way since my childhood days on my paper round. Replacing the battery’s every couple of weeks and even then it was just like having a candle in front of you. Then you left them off for the summer and when you went to put them back on next winter they were all corroded and had to be thrown out so you had to spend your paper round money on new lights. Vicious circle really.

My bike lights now are led lights and you recharge them through a USB port and they are very bright with main beam, low beam, flashing, strobing etc. Yes they are expensive for good ones. These were £100 but you can get better ones. I will rarely use these but I do quite fancy doing a night ride down the trails at the bike park in Wales.

Bright lights

As you can see they are very bright and peaple should be able to see me if I go out at night. Probably not a good idea around here though as the planes coming into the cotswold airfield might mistake my lights for the runway lights being so bright.

Tonight we are treating ourselves to a Chinese takeaway, it may contain nuts but no Covid. Stay safe everybody.

Light and dark

A walk in the park

It’s nice to be back at Cirencester, it would have been nicer if it wasn’t under these circumstances. Good to catch up with friends that are here also. The weather has been kind to us so far which is always a bonus.

We went for a walk into town the other day just to get a bit of shopping and stretch the legs. Cirencester is a loverly old town and in my opinion better now because all the shops are closed, although not very good for the owners having to lockdown again this year. We walked past the pubs we used to go in last year. It’s strange how you really want to go in the pub when it’s closed but if it was open you would just walk on by. Well maybe with a bit of effort you could.

Our walk took us through the Bathurst estate and we had a pleasant surprise. We came across some elephants. No I did not go in the pub and then imagine it. There on the grass were four elephants. Not real ones but beautiful full size sculptures.

Elephants in the park

The elephants are made from dried Lantana camara stalks, a weed when dried behaves like willow. Next summer 125 of these elephants will transform London’s three royal parks. Green park, St James park and Berkeley square park into an Asian jungle. It’s all about bringing the awareness of elephants living in harmony with humans. You can find out more by going to It’s a fantastic thing to be done. Let’s hope it protects and saves this wonderful species forever. Elephants are really fascinating animals.

A couple of days later I went for another walk up through the Bathurst estate again but a different way. The whole area is vast and so many ways you can go and to think it’s somebody’s garden. It’s only open from 8am until 5pm. Being such a large area you are never going to be bumping into peaple which is nice. I came across this monument. It’s called the popes seat. Stood looking at it I wondered how many peaple had sat on the bench inside, how many peaple over the years had walked through that archway and where were they going.

Popes seat

After taking some photos and no one answering my questions I wandered off further up the estate still wondering. On the way back I approached the popes seat from a different angle and that got me wondering all over again. It would be great if you could turn back time just to have a look around.

Light and dark

I walked a total of nearly five miles and there are still plenty of miles still to walk in the estate with all the different ways you can go. Nikki came with me on one day, I showed her the popes seat. We saw a muntjac deer, buzzards, kestrel but only walked about two miles that day. Nikki’s legs are only small. The colours are beautiful with all the autumn leaves and that’s where I will leave this post for today with a picture of some leaves. Stay safe everybody.

Crispy crunchy autumn leaves

Stopped before we started

With the site gates closed and all the shut down work done and one last visit to the pub, we could sit back and relax. Now we had to decide what to do after the news that England was going to go into lockdown. And to make it more complicated Wales would come out of lockdown on the 9th November and England go into lockdown on the 5th of November.

We need to get down to Devon, with a stop on the way ideally. Luckily the club we work for open some sites for peaple like us, no fixed abode and peaple who are moving house etc. Cirencester was one of these sites This was one we were going to stop at on the way to Devon anyway. So the decision was made, book into Cirencester and leave Wales. But when do we leave with the cross over lockdowns in place.

We decided we have good reason to be moving about, having finished our contract in wales and then going to a safe place. The club have all our details and are happy for us to do this. we decided to leave wales on the 5th November. All packed up and we left the site yesterday morning at 9.15 am. Me driving the camper and Nikki following on in the car. Nikki has made sandwiches and we planned to pull over somewhere for a comfort break and lunch, all in the comfort of the camper. So from start to finish of our journey we would be totally independent.

We had joked about being stopped, or me being stopped driving the camper in Wales while in lockdown and again in England as that was the day they went into lockdown. I had visions of getting pulled over as Nikki drove on by in the car.

Leaving wales on a beautiful sunny day was hard. We had a lot of wind and rain the last few days but yesterday was beautiful. The mountains looked fantastic and the morning mist laying low in the valleys all reminded me why I love this area so much. It was a long drive, 177 miles and just over four hours with a comfort stop and another stop to refuel. And you know what, we only saw one police camera van and that was about 15 miles after we left site.

The sun was out in Cirencester and as we pulled onto the pitch to get set up, a voice called out, good to see you back and there was Malcolm one of the seasonals who we knew from last year when we worked on this site. He said he had got word of us coming back. The trouble with being famous. LOL Our friends from Cornwall also turned up as they are on the way up north, so it’s good to catch up with them.

So that’s us here at Cirencester. Lockdown in England ends on 2nd December but we have an mot on the camper booked on the 1st. We have a campsite down in Devon which we hope will take us just before this date so we can keep our appointment. If not it will be a night on the garage forecourt ready for the mot next day. Living in a tin can is great, never a dull moment. Oh and one last thing I need some more sofas to look behind and I think we could be living on beans on toast for a long time because I’m sure the clutch is going on the camper. Stay safe everybody.

Need a boat

We got back from Lincoln last Thursday not without problems. The new fridge decided it didn’t like working on 12volt. This is what it should do as soon as you start the engine. We are still emailing Camper U.K. in Lincoln about getting this sorted.

We also missed our turning on the way back which was not a problem. We followed the sat nav and it was me who wanted to go another way. But sat nav way was a nicer route, she knows best.

Back into work the next day which was the day the site shut because of Wales going into lockdown. There were only two peaple on site and they left by midday and I closed the gate behind the last one leaving.

Empty site

When the site closes we have a week to shut everything down and collect everything in, clean it and store it etc. So with the site closing four days early this gave us more time. The weather did not agree. It has not stopped raining and I am beginning to think we will need a boat to get out of here instead of the camper. We are supposed to leave site on the 4th but because of Wales going into lockdown until the 9th we will now leave site on the 9th November.

With the gates closed on Friday and the pub closing on that evening at 6pm. We all went over the pub. The landlord had invited us over for a few beers on him. We send a lot of peaple over to him so it seemed rude not to go and have a beer or two or three and then that’s a odd number and the media always tell you to have a balanced diet so we had to have another to make it four a even number.

The long path back to the camper

You can just see the camper through the trees. I know your thinking it’s not far, but it is all uphill. Reliant is still around and even comes in the camper for a go on the iPad. We are going to miss him and hope he remembers us when we return next March.

Reliant checking his E mails

I mentioned before that we discovered the leisure batteries were knackered. Not normally a problem because we are on hook up but with us leaving here on the 9th and England going into more local restrictions who knows where we will end up parking for our winter tour. So I decided to look down the back of the sofa and under the bed and in every nook and cranny to find the money to pay for them. All ordered and should arrive today. The old ones have been in the camper for ten years so let’s hope these new ones do the same. They are the same model etc which keeps things simple when changing them over as all the connections are the same.

The rain is still hammering down as I type this blog but we have a day off and there’s not much more to do on site now. Hopefully over the next couple of days we can get everything done and enjoy the last days on site chillin and getting some last welsh biking done. There are still nice sites around site to photo like this fungi. Now where’s that boat.

A Fungi


Our trip to Lincoln to get our fridge freezer replaced in the camper had been planned for a long time. The fridge was paid for in advance and a campsite and travel lodge all booked up. We then had to count the days until we could go and get it done. And of course find the money for the installation etc. While I looked in the lockers, Nikki looked down the back of the sofa and counted how many more times we had to eat beans on toast.

Then Covid starting appearing across the country again and we were beginning to wonder if we would get to Lincoln. Some of the counties in wales were going on local restrictions but the county we are in was all good and in the lowest bracket, luckily so was Lincoln. All this meant we could travel from our base into Lincoln. As the time drew nearer the welsh minister was thinking of going into full lockdown again.

We left wales at 8.15 am on Sunday 18th October. A five hour journey with a stop for lunch in the camper and a fuel stop, 220 miles later we were on the campsite pitched up. The campsite is only ten minutes down the road from camper U.K. where our new fridge freezer was waiting for us. The campsite has two fishing lakes and is really peaceful. We had a walk around the lakes and found some great fungi.


Up early the next morning and off to camper U.K. Handed over the keys, and grabbed our travel bag. I think Nikki thought we were going away for a month the amount she rammed in the bag. Now camper U.K. just happened to have an event on showing off the new 2021 Burstner models. It would be rude not to have a look so we wandered around for an hour looking at them. To be honest there was only one I was really interested in and that was the 2021 Burstner elegance, the newer model of ours. WOW it was very nice but we were having trouble finding money for a fridge so to find about £140,000 was pushing it a bit. Not enough sofas to look behind. Was nice to look at though.

We then rang for a taxi to take us to the travel lodge. An artic lorry would have been more suited for that big bag that Nikki filled. Booked in at the travelodge and off to find our room. It’s strange for us to be sleeping somewhere else other than in the camper. But the room was pleasant and had a great view of Lincoln cathedral.

Our view from the travel lodge window.

We were hungry by now so decided to go out for lunch as we can’t cook or carry a load of food about in our travel bag. I am sure every thing else is in there though. Wetherspoons is always cheap and cheerful and there just happened to be one just around the corner called the Ritz. So we had lunch at the Ritz, although it was nothing like the Ritz but it filled a gap. Back to the room for a chill out and then off to the wharf to find somewhere to have a beer or two and a meal. The wharf is not far from the travel lodge and is really nice.

Dusk at the wharf

It was strange going into Lincoln and seeing everyone wearing face coverings/masks. Well most people were. We had downloaded the track and trace app to our phones and used this wherever it needed to be used, travelodge, wetherspoons and in the pub where we had our evening meal the Royal William IV. That’s it in the photo above. On entering the pub you have to be wearing a mask, you have to scan the barcode for the track and trace and they take your temperature. That’s with a gun not up your bum. Luckily. Your not allowed to go to the bar, it’s all table service which is nice. We had a very nice meal and a couple of beers then wandered back to the travelodge. And I slept for twelve hours. A long drive, the day before, walking about, beer at lunch time and again in the evening. I was done in.

When planning this trip, because we had a couple of days to see Lincoln we knew what we wanted to do. We had already ticked off some of the things like go to the pub, see the wharf, dine at the Ritz. The only two other things we really wanted to do was to see the cathedral and to walk up the old part of Lincoln called steep street. Tuesday was a loverly day so after our cups of tea and biscuits, a real healthy breakfast we masked up and wandered up the high street. I can’t get used to wearing a mask all the time but Nikki insists it looks ok.

Spider man

The main high street was not our cup of tea and apart from Nikki rushing in and out of a couple of shops we soon got through this part of the town. There were a lot of students about and the usual buskers and big issue sellers etc. As we got nearer to steep street the crowds had gone and we were surprised how quiet it was in the old part of Lincoln. Some loverly old shops and cobbled streets.

Steep street
Steep street again.

We wandered all through and up steep street and then found Lincoln cathedral and I must say what an awesome building it is. Built in the eleventh century they certainly knew how to build things then. It dominates the skyline and is very impressive. We walked all around the outside because I wanted to get some photos. Shame the front of it was covered in scaffolding for some renovation work.

Lincoln cathedaral
Lincoln cathedral

On the way back down steep street we called into a small cafe called Buntys a vintage Tea room to have a spot of lunch. It was like going back in time. A real fifties theme, even the waitress dressed in fifties clothes and fifties music playing. After lunch it was time to go back to the travelodge for a chill out. We had arranged to meet some friends in the evening who live on the outskirts of Lincoln. The last time we saw them was about three years ago. As it happened Andy came on his own because Anna had been called away for work which was a shame. Good to see Andy and have a catch up. Forgot to mention, we met him at the same pub we had been to the night before. We went down early as it was a nice evening and sat outside waiting for him to arrive then went inside to eat. Good to see you mate.

This morning we went to get the camper, where we discovered we need new leisure batteries. More beans on toast and looking behind the sofas again. It’s not really a problem because most of the time we are on mains hook up. It’s another expense but can wait for now. Tomorrow we go back to Site and back to work on Friday just as the welsh minister puts Wales into lockdown. That’s if they let us in. It could be interesting. Will keep you informed.

Part of the interior of Lincoln cathedral.

Autumn at the cathedral

Mach loop

The Mach loop is an area not far from where we are that the fighter jets use as a training valley, it’s on the A487. It’s on my to do list. Not to get a fighter jet or to fly through the Mach loop valley. But I will admit I would love to. Having watched so much of it on UTube. I want to get up early one morning and get parked up in the valley and climb up the mountain and watch as they fly past.

Yesterday we had a drive out and went through the Mach loop valley. There are only a couple of real parking spots, both were full so we drove on and never saw any jets come through. One place I wanted to check out was a pub/hotel for future lunches next year. The location is fantastic on the edge of lake Mwyngil. There actually two hotels really close to each other. Just imagine sitting outside having lunch at one of them picnic tables admiring the view on a summers day and then as an added bonus a couple of fighter jets come screaming down that valley. Next year we will be there.

Location Location
Spoiled for choice.

After dreaming of being sat in one of those benches we carried on along the B4405 to join the A493 which runs along the coast passing through Llangelywin, Llwyngwril, Friog and ,Arthog. Try saying that lot after a few beers. We stopped in a couple of lay-bys to take in the view.

View towards Barmouth

As the sea comes inland it forms an estuary and at one stage we are driving along side it. The river Mawddach. Another thing on my to do list is to bike along the Mawddach trail which is a biking trail all along a old railway line. Nikki will join me on this one because it’s flat. The trail runs from Barmouth to Dolgellau about eight miles each way with a pub lunch at Dolgellau would be a nice day out, again one for next year. We stopped at part of the trail because there is a loverly old wooden bridge. The village of Penmaenpool sits on the banks of the river Mawddach and you can cross the wooden toll bridge by foot or by car. It’s 80 pence to cross in your car. It’s a beautiful bridge.

The wooden toll bridge

After leaving the bridge we continued on to rejoin the A470 which takes us home passing the bike park which I had been to early in the morning for a quick blast around before we went out. so that was another day out taking in some beautiful views and seeing some more of this fantastic area. And adding places to the list for next year.

The river Mawddach river.

Lost in the woods

I decided to go for a walk the other day, up to the dam. When I got there I decided to check out another path which goes below the dam, it’s recently been resurfaced, that’s the path not the dam. Then I decided to go on a bit further thinking I could get to the waterfall in the nature reserve we have been to before.

I knew I had to cross the river at some point to be on the other side which is where I wanted to go. So I am wandering along minding my own business talking to the trees and listening to the birds singing, I am miles from anywhere and I see a couple walking towards me. They ask if they can get to the waterfall the way I have just come from. No said I you are lost just like me.

We have a chat and decide to take a path of towards the river but that leads us to the river but no place to cross, or is there. I spot a bit where I think I could get across and say to them I am going to cross there. It looks a bit dodgy but doable. Goodbye they say and wander off back in the direction we came from. I am left alone, can I do it, will I get swept away by the gushing water, it had rained a lot which is why I wanted to go and see the waterfall. The rocks were slippery but I made it, Indiana Jones eat your heart out.

The crossing

So now I was on the side I wanted to be on and heading in the right direction, or so I thought. I came to a point with two paths, I decided to go left, the lesser used path. Just like my life sometimes I take the wrong path. Within ten minutes I was in the middle of a wood and no idea how to get out and back on the path. So I just kept walking and again just like my life I was back on track. Another ten minutes I could hear the waterfall and then it came into view. WOW

A view through the trees

With the recent rain the waterfall was in full flow and looked amazing. I climbed down the path to get a view from below. It was good when me and Nikki went to see it last time but now after the heavy rain it was amazing and the noise was like thunder. I was lost no more and wandered back home.

The next day I went off down the bike park to play, again Nikki was doing other stuff. Part of one of the trails goes alongside the a river and past another waterfall. As I was biking along I could see the river was in full flow so knew the waterfall was going to be good. Normally I bike on by it but today I just had to stop. Again the noise and force of the water was spectacular.

Waterfall at Coed Y Brenin forest centre

I biked on to another spot to see the other waterfall in full flow also. It was raining, I was soaked, I was muddy but I was so happy to be out on my bike. I did get changed quickly though when I got back to the car.

Another waterfall

Today we had a day off and decided on a beach day, although the weather was doing it’s best to put us off. We had a lazy morning and then decided to just go for it. We drove to Criccieth beach, by the time we got there it had stopped raining. We had a nice walk on the beach and being out of season there were not too many peaple about even though it was a Saturday.

A broken breakwater

We are now wondering if we will get closed down before the season ends. Bangor which is in the county of Gwynedd the same as us has been put into lockdown restrictions. So we have our fingers crossed because in a weeks time we are off to Lincoln to get our fridge replaced. This has been planned for nearly six months now and as we leave here soon we really need to get it done, even though we don’t want to spend the money it’s costing, but that’s life.