The season is drawing to a close for us. We have only seven weeks left of work. It’s been a very busy season with good weather, a few dramas but nothing we can’t handle.

The selection for next year came out and we filled the necessary forms in and waited to see where we would be sent. As well as being a busy and hot season here we have not really seen a lot of the area, or not as much as we wanted to. In some peaples eyes we have done a lot but I would have liked to do and see more. But you can’t do everything.

One of our weekends off recently we decided to head to Pembrey for the weekend, give the camper a run and get off site. It’s only a half hour drive but it’s a nice site and near the beach. We got there on the Friday evening and chilled in the sun with a cold beer and wine.

The next day we had a walk down to the beach and back through the sand dunes. Found some driftwood art on the beach and as we approached the small gauge railway the guys running it were testing the trains ready for the weekend when it runs. All was not going to plan but they were laughing so much. We stopped and chatted to one of the guys who told us all about the trains etc.

Driftwood beach art
Hang on guys

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling and of course I went out on my bike around the forest roads behind the site. Then it’s time to go back to base and work. Work really does get in the way of our life.

Another weekend off just gone and again we headed out in the camper to Pandy. Again another site we have stayed on this year. We know the managers there and it’s always good to catch up with them and of course just around the corner from the site is a downhill bike park which I happen to like.

This was our third visit here this season and every time we have been here the weather has been fantastic. Apart from me going to the bike park to play we don’t do a lot here, just chill in the sun and we have been known to have a beer or wine while chilling out. It’s just nice to recharge the body’s batteries.

While there on the Saturday evening a huge balloon came up over the trees. I love seeing hot air balloons and have always wanted to go in one. They must have taken off not far away because they were so low when they came over us. Another followed the first one and again on Sunday morning two came over.

Watch out below

The weekend was over to soon again and we travelled back on the Monday morning, the day of the queens funeral so all the roads were empty because of it being a bank holiday, but not for us we had to go to work in the afternoon but it was a very low key day, no machinery so no noise. The site was very quiet as everyone was watching the tv.

So today is Nikki’s birthday, it’s her day. We had planned to go out for a meal tonight. We don’t drive anywhere when we’re drinking so need to walk. We checked the weather this morning and it gave rain all afternoon and evening. Now we’re not made of sugar but we don’t want to get soaked before we get in the pub. When we leave the pub we don’t care what the weather is doing, to be honest we probably would not even notice.

So we had a plan B. I said it’s your day Nikki so you say what’s happens. Nikki wanted to go to Port Eynon a few weeks back so she said she would like to go there and have lunch out. That sounds good to me so a plan was hatched. Go to Port Eynon, walk on the beach, lunch in a pub and then home. Well nearly a good plan as on the way home we would need shopping which meant as I was in the car I would go shopping also. It’s Nikki’s day so I agreed.

The rain was due mid afternoon so we headed off mid morning to Port Eynon. It’s only half an hours drive, or should have been but our route hit a road closed diversion so we had to re route. Not a problem we get to see more of the loverly Gower country side. And the cows and sheep that seem to like to walk all over the road and slow the traffic up. Not a bad thing.

We got to Port Eynon parked up and payed. At one end of the beach is a old salt works building from the 16th century. Not that there’s much left of it now but I like derelict buildings so we wandered over to the end of the beach to have a look.

Old salt house

After the walk we were hungry so a pub lunch was the order of the day. We walked up to the pub, looked at the menu outside while licking our lips and deciding what we were going to have. Our minds made up and heading for the pub door while dribbling at the thought of lunch only to be greeted by the landlord. Hello are you just after a drink, no we are after some lunch and a drink. Sorry no food my chefs have not turned up. I felt like saying don’t they know it’s Nikki’s birthday but we just turned and walked out.

Now Port Eynon is only small so our choice now for lunch was an ice cream, or the choice of two chip shops. So we sat on a bench eating our chips and supping our can of drink.

Back to the car and off to get some shopping on the way home. And that’s where we are this evening, as I write this blog Nikki is in the kitchen doing the tea while she has a glass of wine and I have a cold beer. We know how to live.

Going back to the selection for next year. We will be working in a place called Chirk, it’s right on the wales/ English border in between Oswestry and Wrexham. We have been there before and love the area so we are looking forward to going there. We are even doing winter work next year so our season will start on the 3rd January until November. We don’t normally do winter work but could do with the money so we can have some beans on our toast for tea next year. That means we will only have six weeks off in the winter which will seem strange after having four months of for the last few winters. But we will survive.

Misty morning over the salt marshes