After surviving the three storms in Minehead we packed up and headed out on the highway towards Gowerton on the Gower South Wales. Our place of work for the season.

The weather was dry and sunny as we went over the Severn bridge and I thought for a moment we must be somewhere else other than Wales because the weather was so nice. Even the sheep were smiling and chilling in the sun.

First stop was a site on the edge of Newport at Tredegar to pick up some stuff up which we had left there for the winter. We only stayed there for three days and then packed up again and headed out on the M4 to Gowerton. Nikki zoomed pass me on the motorway so she got there first .

Part of the route involves a low bridge which looks really low on google earth but I knew the height of the camper and knew I could get under it. There is a alternative route if bigger. I still have a roof so it does fit. By the time I got to site I see Nikki in the office with a cup of coffee. Went in in and met our new managers for this season, Martin and Fiona who are from Cardiff.

After a quick chat we got into our compound and got set up. It’s a great compound with a bathroom and a garage, no overhead trees to drop stuff on the roof of the camper and a view looking straight down the estuary which will have some amazing sunsets as it faces west and that’s where the sun goes down.

All set up

The land the campsite is on is reclaimed land and used to be all marsh land so on a big spring tide and with a strong westerly wind the tide pushes right up to the campsite gates. I have my wetsuit on standby hanging up in the garage in case I need to start swimming and also my snorkelling gear in case it gets really deep.

No high tide today

There was so much to do on site with a lot of storm damage including six huge big trees down and lots of branches and twigs all over the grass. We had a week to get the site ready for opening. We all worked so hard and even managed to cut all the grass, and there is a lot. The weather was with us luckily. Cutting all the grass meant sitting on a ride on mower for five hours and that was just me.

We had a day off so decided to go exploring. No plan just get in the car and head for the beach and see where we ended up. We drove on the main road and then turned off down some smaller roads and ended up in the middle of Rhossili beach, a huge big beach. We then turned around and headed for the Mumbles.

Parked up and had a walk around. Not impressed with the town, all looked run down but it is winter and I expect if the sun was out and into the season it would have looked better…..well maybe a little bit. The beach area and small bays by the lifeboat station were nicer.

The gates to the campsite opened on the 11th March and we had about twelve in. Was nice to see the site looking so much nicer than when we had arrived on the 1st March. There has been a steady flow of peaple arriving daily since opening. Think it’s going to be a busy year.

This weekend was our weekend off. We haven’t really done a lot, just caught up on things that needed doing. We both feel really knackered to be honest but will be fine when we get back in the swing of things. I went out on my bike for an eighteen mile ride just along a coast path so nice and flat and a good start to getting my fitness back ready to go to the bike park.

Mumbles pier and lifeboat station

It’s back to work this afternoon and even better it’s payday this week. So although we are knackered it’s great to be back to work, that is if you have to work which unfortunately we do. Lots of plans for the season and lots to see and do.

As the sun goes down the moon comes up