We have survived the two storms of Dudley and Eunice. No damage to us or the camper unlike a lot of other unfortunate peaple around the country. Hope your all sorted soon.

We are still at Minehead and the site we are on is an old quarry. We are on the southern side of the site so have a huge big quarry face in front of us which give us a bit of protection yesterday from the 65/70 mph gusts.

The site has been full most of the time we have been here with lots of caravans and campers coming and going. It started getting less busy two days ago when news of the storm was on the news. Some peaple left early and I expect a lot cancelled their weekend trip because yesterday no one arrived.

I really wanted to go down to the sea yesterday morning but stayed with the camper in case I had to move it or anything happened so it was a day of staring out the window at the rain and we even had a couple of hailstorms and watching the trees blowing about, and when the big gusts came through making sure I wasn’t just about to take a sip of my beer. I don’t like to spill any.

As the day went on the gusts became less and not as strong and the red warning went to amber so Nikki could start to breath again. This morning it’s like a different world, all calm but rain is forecast for this morning.

What else have we been doing. Nikki has been going to see Mi Mi, I have been watching the rugby after getting to grips with how the tv works and I had to get my other ear micro suctioned out. Walking down to the beach, out on my bike up the woods. Making the most of our last few days of freedom before starting work.

Sunlight through the trees

We had another day out last week when we went to Porlock. Only about six miles away by car. It’s a small little village by the sea, very pretty and very busy in the summer but ok at this time of year. Most of it is closed up.

Down by the harbour is my favourite bit with three cottages right on the sea and when the tides in the sea surrounds them on three sides because of the harbour. I should think yesterday in the storms got a bit scary with the high tides forecast also.

The beach is a pebble beach with great views either way and the sound as the sea rolls up them and back is fantastic. I actually surfed here a long time ago. As the tide comes in it funnels through a small inlet under a small bridge and into the harbour. It all happens quite quickly when it starts to come in because this is part of the Bristol Channel with a huge tidal range.

The inlet

Once you walk over the small bridge and past the cottages you’re on the beach where the first thing you see is an old war bunker. It’s on a bit of an angle now after being battered by the waves over all the years but it still has a smile on its face. Probably smiling that the war is over. Some peaple may not even notice the smiley face.

Smiley war bunker

The plan was to have lunch out this day so after the beach we went up into the village/ small town and looked for somewhere to have lunch. That didn’t go very well, closed, closed and the small cafe that was open didn’t look very inviting. Nikki went in a clothes shop to have a look around while I stood outside thinking, why go in there there’s no food just clothes. Ten minutes later she came out with a bag. I quickly asked her what she had bought hoping she had found some food for us but it was only another dress, in the sale of course.

But she had been recommended a place for lunch by the owner of the clothes shop so that was good. It was a pub just down the road which was open and serving food. We walked off to it and the wood burner was roaring away and was a really nice cosy proper old pub. And a very nice lunch was had.

So that’s up to date. We move on next Thursday crossing over the Severn bridge and back into wales. Staying on a site on the edge of Newport. We need to pick up some storage boxes which we left there last year. We will stay there for five days and then on March 1st we will head on to the Gower and settle in ready to start work on the 3rd March. Stay safe everybody.

Porlock Pebble Tower