Here we are six weeks into our season, still a long way to go though and things have not slowed down. The site has been busy and now Easter is upon us it’s gone mad. Add to that school holidays and you get a full site with loverly little children……not.

To be fair some of them are great but others are not but it’s not their fault it’s the parents. Luckily we are off this weekend but they will still be there when we go back tomorrow.

We had a nice drive out to Whiteford beach the other Sunday on our day off. Whiteford beach is big open beach at the end of the estuary. There’s not a big carpark by it so a lot of peaple don’t go there. Instead there’s a bit of a farmers field with an honesty box for payment for parking.

To get to the carpark you drive down some small roads and then down a dead end road and the carpark is near the end. After parking up you walk down the dead end road past a couple of old cottages and onto a footpath which takes you to the beach or through the woods to the beach and the views are fantastic.

Whiteford beach through the trees

The beach was empty apart from a few distant figures. At the far end at the entrance to the estuary is a old cast iron lighthouse which is on my list of things to get photos of. You can get right up close to it but you have to do it at low tide and you only have a small timescale because when the tide turns it comes in very quick. From the carpark and back it’s about a 6/7 mile hike so it’s one thing I will be doing in my own when it’s a nice day and the tides are right.

As you come back through the trees towards the carpark you pass a little old cottage with a tin roof which is owned by the national trust and is a holiday let. What a fantastic place to holiday. All on your own with a beach only a stones throw from your garden.

Holiday cottage

Another great thing about this season is the location for us and seeing sunsets. Because we have a wide open view facing west we get the most fantastic sunsets, when its sunny of course and being in wales those days are limited. But saying that we have had more good days than bad so far.

As this blog goes on this season you will be getting a lot of sunset photos because every one is different. I don’t have a favourite because they are all so different and nice in their own way.

Gower sunset
Another one

Yesterday we had our first BBQ of the season. A simple meal of good burgers, peppers, mushrooms and pork ribs with flavourings all washed down with Guinness and wine. After a day of sun, food and beer it was an early night and a sleep of about 11 hours.

The end of the day

So it’s back to work tomorrow. The days off seem to go quicker than the days we work. We have lots of other days out planned including a Hot Rod meeting at Pendine sands which I have wanted to go to for years but work and distance have been against us. It’s all pre 1949 cars and they race on the beach. We have not been to a Hot Rod meeting for ages so we are really looking forward to this and it’s only an hour away from here. We are spoiling ourselves with this one as we are renting an apartment overlooking the sea with a hot tub, and about a 15 minute walk to the beach. More on this to follow.