As you know the ones that follow my blog, I like to take a picture or two whenever we go somewhere, or I go out on my bike etc. So our latest couple of trips out were no different.

We were told about a place called Abersoch, a small seaside town on the Llyn Peninsula which is the bit of North Wales that juts out to the left facing Ireland. Abersoch is on the bottom edge of the Peninsula.

A day off and a bit of a plan to drive out to have a look and have some lunch. I was told there was some surf shops there and lots of places to get food so it was all looking good. The name Abersoch means mouth of the river Soch. Aber means mouth of river and Soch being the rivers name, so there you go you have learnt something today. It’s the same with Aberystwyth and many others in Wales.

We found the small town and parked up and went in search of the coast. The town itself was busy and a lot of the eating places closed apparently due to staff shortages, the two surf shops were pretty boring and had what seemed like all the stock they could not get rid of the last two years hoping someone from inland would buy it as they would not have seen it before.

And now I was getting hungry and with so many places closed and one pub packed out Nikki spotted a small little deli but it had a queue. I don’t like queues and I had spotted a chip shop with no queue, not always a good sign but I was willing to gamble for the sake of my rumbling stomach. So I nipped across got served straight away and stood outside eating my chips while Nikki queued for whatever she was going to have. And yes they were loverly chips.

Then we decided to head for the beach. Found some loverly old beach huts made from corrugated tin, I expect they had been there years and with a coat of paint every year to help protect them they still looked good.

Old tin beach huts.

And even better were the beach huts behind them, looking like real luxury small houses. The photo I took of them is one of my all time favourites. If I ever win the lotto and Nikki gets her dream of having a little property as a bolt hole I will get this photo put on canvas and hang it on the wall. Oh what a picture.

My favourite photo

The next day off I went off to the bike park for a blast doing some different trails than I have done before. The view was fantastic up high above the treetops with rolling mountains in the distance.

What a view

Then we had to go back to work and look forward to our next bit of time off. Luckily for us our next long weekend off was in the middle of a loverly heatwave and being our long weekend off we decided to take the camper out and go away for a couple of days. So we went up to Anglesey to a campsite. We took the bikes because I had looked on google earth and worked out a route to get to a pub on the coast only using small back roads. Nikki was with me so it needed to be a short ride and no traffic. She was very happy with the idea of a pub lunch and this is what was making her get her bike hat on, check her mirrors, and lights and select a gear.

The small bay we were aiming for is called Red Wharf Bay and the pub is called the Ship inn. A proper olde world pub right on the sea front. Originally a row of cottages built in 1740 with a small pub on one end serving ale to the many sailors passing by. The whole building is now the pub.

All Covid secure, Nikki had to queue again to get a table, I was guarding the bikes, well mine anyway. She got to the front of the queue and asked if we could have a table in the shade with space for the bikes. The waiter pointed to a table but said the bikes could go over there a completely different area, Nikki called me over to tell me this. My reply was sorry but I don’t leave my bike away from me. He then gave us another choice when he realised I love my bike which as it happens was a better view and in the shade for Nikki. The tide was out which was a shame as it would have been nicer but sometimes you just can’t have everything. A seat in the shade, Bikes within touching distance and a loverly lunch with a view and of course great company.

Lunch with a view

We were actually sat just behind these tables but the view was unspoilt because that section was closed. Back to the campsite and a BBQ for tea sat outside under the sunshade as it was so hot. The next day was spent just chilling in the shade, it was way too hot to go out on the bikes.

Our spot for chilling on the campsite

So that’s us up to date. Other news is we completed our application to become site managers and got through to the interview stage which was via a zoom call. That was a whole new experience for us but we think it went well. We find out next week if we were successful or not. Will keep you posted.