I get trouble with my ears blocking up. Nikki thinks it’s just excuse to say I never hear what she says. After two weeks of putting oil in them to try and free off the wax ( sorry if your having your lunch while reading this) the wax was still in there and would not come out. So I had to find an audiologist. That’s a person who removes earwax and charges you what he/ she wants knowing you are going to pay because you have no choice. And saying you didn’t hear how much it was going to cost does not wash with them.

The nearest one to us is in Colwyn bay. So an appointment was made for another two weeks time at a cost of £80 for both ears. That give me time to save up and keep putting the oil in my ears and praying the wax would come out on its own and I could save the £80.

On the day we headed off towards Colwyn bay via Surf Snowdonia. Surf Snowdonia is a lagoon with a wave machine in, so for land locked surfers they can still surf. I wanted to go and have a look and it was sort of on the way to Colwyn bay. When we got there there were no waves until 2pm so we just had a look around and left.

No surf Snowdonia

We decided to head on to Colwyn bay have lunch and then go and get my ears hoovered out. We parked up right by the bay and spotted a cafe so headed straight for it as we were both hungry. We didn’t realise the cafe is famous, or so we were told by someone in the carpark. The cafe was called Bryn Williams. We had not booked so the only available seating was outside which is what we wanted so a table for two it was. Then we looked at the menu WOW how much. We decided on a starter each and some chips to share. Sorry they were not chips they were fries that’s posh chips, I told you it was famous. It was nice though.

Nikki’s lunch
Mike’s lunch

After our snack with a three course price tag the plan was Nikki was going to go shopping and I went off to get my ears done. I had a half hour wait so wandered around Colwyn bay. Not my cup of tea at all. I found a loverly old restored clock and the rest of the town I won’t talk about. I wandered into the ear clinic quarter of an hour early as the door was open and went straight on in. All Covid secure with receptionist and ear doctor wearing masks. Sat down, he shoved a camera in my ear and showed me on a huge screen the problem, I showed him my empty wallet and pointed out my problem.

He then stuck a small tube in my ear, a bit like a Hoover and it sucked all the wax out. From entering the building to leaving was 15 minutes and that including paying the £80. I wish I could earn that sort of money. I did point out to him he should be called Dick Turpin and wearing a mask. Then I realised he was wearing a mask.

Loverly restored old clock
Empty Colwyn bay

The following weekend was our time off and time to give the camper a run so we decided to go to a site called Shawsmead which is near a village called Oakford, inland from Newquay, that’s the Newquay in wales below Aberystwyth about a two hour drive from us. We know the wardens there so it was a good chance to catch up with them. It’s only about 70 miles but I don’t think there is a straight level piece of road in that 70 miles.

The site is so nice and peaceful and has lots of areas left for the wildlife which I really like. The bees and insects are so important to us and more should be done to help them. We had a great time and did nothing apart from eat drink sleep and then repeat. A real chilled out couple of days.

Chilling at Shawsmead

The time went way too fast. We had to start back at work on the Wednesday lunchtime and would normally go back on Tuesday afternoon but the sun was out the beer was to tempting so we decided to stay another night and leave early in the morning. So that’s what we did. Up and on the road for 6.30 am. Back to base set up and chill before work.

A couple of days ago we had some friends we met in Spain come to visit us as they were only an hour away from us on holiday. Loverly couple. We met in the pub opposite the campsite for lunch and a good catch up. We had not seen them for two years.

Before meeting them at lunchtime I wanted to go out on my bike so I got up early and was down the bike park and on the trails at 6.15 am. As I was driving there I thought I would do one of the black trails, that’s a severe one. I had wanted to do this particular one for a long time because it involves some huge big rock slabs that you ride down.

The trail is about 12 miles long altogether with some long uphills and some very rocky downhill parts and of course the four big slabs. Not for the inexperienced or faint hearted. I really enjoyed the trail and survived to tell the tale. And even took some photos to show Nikki but she felt sick just looking at them.

One of the slabs
Long way down

It’s hard to capture how steep the slabs are unless you’re into mountain biking then you would understand. A lot of peaple have fallen here and with some nasty injuries.

My favourite one

So that’s us to date. We are now off for two days but not going away, just chilling at base but we will have a day out somewhere and I expect I will go down the bike park. We also have a application form to fill in to become managers. We are really busy at the moment and bookings have gone mad. And I can’t believe we are halfway through the season already. This time in four months time we will be driving out of here to where ever and next year we will be somewhere totally different.

Stay safe everyone we’re nearly there.