Yes another day off I hear you all cry. In our defence we do work extremely hard in between our days off. So a day off and weather looking ok, not brilliant but ok for a walk.

A search on google earth and I had a plan, unusual for me but yes I had a plan. Looking at the Llyn peninsula I spotted a bit on the northern side that juts out, zoom in to find it was a nice little bay with a pub, always a good idea and a nice small coastal walk for Nikki.

Nikki is not into big walks unless there is a pub at the end but even then she likes small walks and big pubs. There was also a life boat station for some photos.

Less than an hours drive and we arrived at Porthdiniiaen, got parked up in the National trust carpark, £5 for all day the money goes to good causes so I don’t mind paying. Walking boots on, rucksack on to carry my water and Nikki’s and of course some snacks in case we got lost and were starving.

Porthdiniiaen bay

The pub on our route was right on the beach, again a bit of research and it turns out its voted one of the best beach bars in the world. A big title to live up to. The pub called the Ty Coch Inn looks great from the beach and some tables are actually on the beach. This is where we had planned to have lunch after reading up about it on their website.

Ty Coch Inn

As you walk around some rocks from one part of the bay onto the next part you can see the pub and I was already licking my lips. Thoughts of ordering a nice pint and some food, throwing Nikki the keys and saying you can drive back, and then sitting outside the pub on one of the beach benches enjoying the view .

We got outside the pub to discover it opened at midday which was three quarters of an hour away. A look at the menu and my heart sunk, it was all sandwiches and most were crossed off so not available. Nothing wrong with a sandwich I know but so limited choice from one of the best beach bars in the world in peak season. Needless to say we declined and moved on. A shame really but it seems they have a loverly location and don’t need to try very hard and the holiday crowd will flock there. I wonder how many were disappointed.

We decided to walk on round the headland to the lifeboat station and then on further and back towards the car where there was another little cafe. Along the coast path was a loverly old shack I could have lived in quite comfortably.

My love shack

A nice old boat on the beach being done up and then around the next bend was the lifeboat station. I would have loved to see the lifeboat go out, sliding down the ramp with a big spray as it hit the water off to rescue someone. Them guys do such a good job and I always support them when I can.

Old boat
Lifeboat station

At the lifeboat station we decided to have a snack, so sat on the beach and delved into the rucksack and found a bag of crisps and a cereal bar each, times are hard you know. Then Nikki’s phone rang. More about that later.

After eating our snacks we carried on around the coast path which is right next to a golf course. If you played golf this was such a nice course in a fantastic setting. I don’t play so just had the walk. The view from the top of the headland looking back at the bay in the village with one of the worlds best beach bars in the world was spectacular apart from the beach bar menu. We carried on walking and stopped in the little cafe not far from the car for a sandwich and a slice of cake, both which were on the menu and it’s was great service and tasted good.

View of the bay

So back to the phone all. As you know if you follow my blog we applied to be managers. The phone all was to tell us we were not successful, a small blot on the day but we are ok about it. A bit fed up yes but that’s due to the way it was done as we are already doing the job, so we are waiting for feedback from the club. We really don’t see how we can improve because we give 100% now and get so many nice comments about us etc. Will keep you updated when we know.

Jelly fish on the beach