When I said we had snow what I meant was we had a dusting of snow unless you were up on the mountains or on top of Snowdon itself. But even so the weather has been strange. We got battered with up-to 70 mph gusts of wind, then it all calmed down and warmed up enough for us to sit outside in the sun with a cool beer and get the BBQ fired up thinking summer is on its way.

Then the wind turned on us from the north and east and although it was sunny it was bloody freezing. Then Easter Monday we had snow. Just a dusting on low ground but it did look nice.

My Snowdon garden
Dusting of snow

Ellis from the small holding across the road bought us some eggs over from his chickens. They range from small bantam eggs to turkey eggs. And all were very nice. He has a collection of chickens ,Guinea fowl and four huge turkeys. They Rome around on his land and out side on the lane etc as free as they like. He has to search here there and everywhere for the eggs. We always check them by putting them in a bowl of water. If they float they are bad, they should all sink. We have never had a bad one and they are very nice.

Free range Easter eggs

We have just had our long weekend off so decided to go away, gives the camper a run and gets us off site. We chose a site up on Anglesey, just over an hour away. We had not been to this one before but stayed on one just two miles down the road from it last year. It’s in the middle of nowhere but the idea was just to chill as it’s been busy here and a lot going on.

The site was called Penrhos and is just outside Brynteg. There was only two other units on site on Sunday. But there was another twenty booked in on Monday which is when all the travel restrictions were lifted but still not busy. Fantastic views from the site across the fields to the mountains of Snowdonia and Snowdon itself in the distance all covered in snow.

We had a loverly area all to ourselves for the first night and then two others came in but plenty of space.

Our peaceful spot
View from the driveway of the site.

We saw a red squirrel while walking around the site and lots different birds including, pheasants, partridge, woodpecker, blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits, goldfinches and we even managed to sit outside in the sun while having a beer so that was a bonus.

This site at Penrhos was the 70th site we have stayed on since getting this camper in February 2014. That’s seventy different sites and some we have been back to. That seventy sites include sites in England, Wales, France, Spain and Portugal. So as you can see we do use our camper. Some peaple only go away once or twice a year in theirs Have wheels will travel is my motto.

So that’s us up to speed with you all. It’s good that the country is slowly coming out and about and getting back to some sort of normal. The pubs here in wales are still closed and don’t open until the 26th April and then only outside. We are back at work this afternoon and thinking it’s going to be a busy season. But we will still get away once a month on our long weekends off. Stay safe everybody.