The days have been passing, the months have been passing until the lockdown rules are changing. I know they have been changing at different times between England, Scotland and wales. And I also know it’s been longer than six months for all these changes.

The thing is the six month wait refers to me and Nikki having a proper day out. The last time was when we went to Lincoln last October to get our new fridge in the camper. We then spent a day in the old part of Lincoln, had lunch out and then a meal and drinks in the pub in the evening, a proper day out.

Yesterday was one of our days off, the weather was hot and sunny so a day out was planned. And most important the pubs in wales were opening for outside drinks and food. And we just so happen to have a pub right across the road from us.

But first our day out. We decided to go to Portmeirion, we never got the chance to go last year. We booked our tickets online and planned to get there early to avoid all the crowds because I wanted to take some photos.

Portmeirion is a tourist village designed and built by Sir Clough williams Ellis between 1925 and 1975. It’s styled on an Italian village and is now owned by a charitable trust. It’s famous for the filming of the film The Prisoner. There’s a hotel there, gift shops and cafes. It’s only a eight mile drive for us to get there and they opened at 9.30am so no need to rush although we were first through the gate.

The buildings are all brightly painted and the views from certain points are amazing. We timed it just right with the sun out and as it sits on the edge of an estuary the tide was in and with no wind the water was calm.

I took about 120 phots but won’t bore you with all of them. These are just some of my favourite ones I took.

As you can see the colours are fantastic. We spoke to a painter decorator there and he said how busy he was all the time. We wandered around and then decided to have a spot of lunch. Just sat outside in the sun watching the world go by. It was good to be out again properly. There is a coast/ woodland walk from there also which we did after lunch. Again fantastic views from certain points.

After our walk we went and sat down in the sun again and just watched the world go by thinking how nice it was to have a proper day out. Sod the expense this is what we work for, to enjoy life. After arriving at 9.30am and having a good look around etc we left at 1 30pm. Admission was £13 each and lunch was £20 we never ate in the hotel.

Back to base for a chill out for an hour, then shower and then off to support the local pub which opened at midday. The sun still shining which was good as all the seating is out side. All the tables set out with plenty of space and table service only. A few drinks and a nice meal and that was us done in for the day. A short stroll home to bed. The end of a great day which we had waited six months for. Just got to save up now for the next one.

Have a rest