We are now open for business but you can only come here if you live in Wales at the moment. That’s what Mr Drakeford has said so Nikki has been busy phoning peaple who have booked from England, sorry but you’re not allowed to come here to stay at the moment. It’s been a busy time getting everything ready but worth it.

We opened the gates last Saturday and had four arrivals who were all pleased to be getting away. Nikki was also very pleased as it meant I had someone else to talk to. A steady flow of peaple have been coming in over the last week.

Nikki went off shopping and on her way back she said she saw three police cars speeding towards Porthmadog. It turned out there had been a murder. Apparently a 65 year old man was killed by his son.

The site is looking nice and now the weather has gone from 60+ mph winds to 18 degrees and sunshine just as it was our two days off.

We decided to go for a little trip out on one of the days to Borth Y Gest a small village on the edge of Porthmadog. Nikki made a picnic up and managed to fill my backpack with other come in handy stuff we might need on our small hike around the coast path to a small beach.

Borth Y Gest

We parked up and loaded the rucksack onto my back and as my legs sank to the ground with all the come in handy stuff we laughed. Getting back to my feet and off we went along the coast path. The tide was in and the sun was shining. What a beautiful day. The coast path is so nice and the spot I wanted to get to meant a steep climb down some steps.

Steep steps up or down.

Nikki managed the steps ok even with her little legs. We got to our destination and sat on the bench just staring out across the estuary at the mountains and the small bay arcing it’s way from us both left and right. The only noise being birds singing and a small child screaming now and then who was with his parents.

Peace and tranquility.

At the end of the headland you can just see a house. It’s called the powder house. Built in the mid 18th century to store explosives because they did not want the explosives stored in Porthmadog harbour, so the ships would drop it off at the powder house. Very carefully.

It’s now used as a holiday let and valued at £464,000 and what a location. I left Nikki sitting on the picnic bench and went off exploring the coast path a bit further, up to the house and just around the corner. I loved this other bench with the wording I found on my way. It says Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.

I sat here for a while and then made my way back to eat our picnic food. At least that made the rucksack lighter for on the way back. A three mile round trip and a great day out followed by a BBQ and beer when we got back. Life’s good. I saved my favourite photo of the day until last. Stay safe everyone we’re nearly there.

Leave only footprints.