How bazare is that. Just an hour after finishing my last blog post and saying to you all that me and Nikki are so young it will be ages before we have our Covid jabs. Nikki went online and could book my first jab and my second one but not hers as she is that little bit younger than me.

That’s good but it’s not that simple. Because we live in Devon but are working in Wales it meant that when you fill the online form in and put your postcode of where you are, us being in Wales the nearest place we could get it done was Oswestry about 55 miles away meaning a round trip of 110 miles to have someone stick a needle in me. The welsh don’t want to stick needles in English folk.

So a drive it was to Oswestry, about an hour and twenty minutes. Even though the government advice is don’t drive, the government are also saying go to Oswestry to get your jab. You work it out I can’t. Still it was a nice drive out and it all went well. Really well organised at the hospital and in, jabbed, and out in less than 15 minutes and back on the road home to site. I stopped off at lake Celyn to get a photo as it’s so nice. The road between here and Bala is such a nice drive.

Lake Celyn

A week later Nikki could book hers and has now had her first jab. Another 110 mile round trip. We tried to book our second ones on the same day just to save a trip but they can’t do that as it’s not in the time scale. I can’t see how a week makes any difference but the powers that be say it does so who are we to argue, the main thing is we will be both jabbed. So by the time we have both been jabbed twice we will have travelled 440 miles and had four trips out. We both had the AstraZeneca. They said there could be side effects. I felt achey all over that night and was shivering from head to toe and the next day felt like I had been run over by a bus but then all ok. Nikki felt ok but then yesterday felt a bit rough but is ok now.

The day after my jab was the first day at work to get the site ready. We both worked really hard, going in everyday for eight days and the site is looking good. We are due to open on the 27th of this month but only to the welsh because the English cannot travel. Why the welsh and English can’t agree on things and make life simple so everyone knows what they can do and can’t do is beyond me.

Although we will be open to the welsh, the pubs and high street shops will not be open and all the attractions will be closed. Madness. So we don’t expect it to be really busy until the travel restrictions in England are lifted.

We are now furloughed until further notice. Plenty of time to go out on bike or walking.

Out on the trails

So that’s us up to date again. Weather has been very windy up to 70mph gusts but has settled down now. Spring is on its way and the plants and flowers are showing signs of life. Life’s looking good. Stay safe, get jabbed everyone, we’re on the road to recovery.

Nearly there.