It’s good to be back here in Snowdonia and on site. We have had all sorts of weather since we got here including snow, frost, hail, heavy rain, light rain, wind from a breeze to 60MPH gusts and we have even had some sunshine.

The snow was a joke really just a light dusting and all gone the same day. I was hoping to get some nice snow pictures but that didn’t happen. The week we had that was dry but with a bitter wind was nice, being that it was dry but the wind cut right through you. I even thought about putting some trousers on but the thought went out of my head. In this cold spell our fridge freezer in our garage stopped working, just switched itself off and said it’s too cold. I didn’t realise they did this but with some research it’s true. It is fine now it’s warmed up a bit. At least the beer and wine were chilled.

We have been out for walks and of course I have been out on my bike on the dry but cold days, the wet and windy days are spent in the camper and for me in the garage pottering about. The photo below is part of one of the walks. I love this bit with the moss covered walls and the way the sunlight has caught it giving it a lovely colour. The horses are always pleased to see peaple.

On our walk
Give us a kiss

Nikki has been doing some baking while being stuck inside which is very nice, not the being stuck inside but the cakes and pies she has been making. It’s a good job the bad days are only one or two days otherwise with her baking and us eating if the bad weather went on for a week or more we would not fit out the door. It was all very nice.

Apple and choc chip muffins

Walking around the site it’s nice seeing it all come to life with the daffodils starting to come out and the buds in the trees. I put two bird boxes up in our compound last year and they are getting viewings from the blue tits so hopefully they will nest in them. Reliant is still about, he has been spoilt through the winter but has started to come in the garage again now. There are piles of acorns on the ground everywhere from all the oak trees and the squirrels are feasting on them.

Last years fall of acorns

This weekend apart from being a big weekend for the rugby when England play Wales, it’s also a big decision for me. I have not had a haircut for four months and not had a shave all this year so I look like Robinson Crusoe. I won’t post pictures of this as I don’t want to scare you all or put you off your food. So it will be out with the clippers and razor and decide what to do.

We start work next Thursday getting the site ready even though it’s not going to open on time at least it will be ready. We think it’s going to be very busy this season which will be nice. So that’s us up to date. Hope you’re all staying safe and are having your Covid jabs. Me and Nikki being only youngsters, it will be a long time before we get ours. Stay safe everybody we’re nearly there.

Some colour on site.