We got back from Lincoln last Thursday not without problems. The new fridge decided it didn’t like working on 12volt. This is what it should do as soon as you start the engine. We are still emailing Camper U.K. in Lincoln about getting this sorted.

We also missed our turning on the way back which was not a problem. We followed the sat nav and it was me who wanted to go another way. But sat nav way was a nicer route, she knows best.

Back into work the next day which was the day the site shut because of Wales going into lockdown. There were only two peaple on site and they left by midday and I closed the gate behind the last one leaving.

Empty site

When the site closes we have a week to shut everything down and collect everything in, clean it and store it etc. So with the site closing four days early this gave us more time. The weather did not agree. It has not stopped raining and I am beginning to think we will need a boat to get out of here instead of the camper. We are supposed to leave site on the 4th but because of Wales going into lockdown until the 9th we will now leave site on the 9th November.

With the gates closed on Friday and the pub closing on that evening at 6pm. We all went over the pub. The landlord had invited us over for a few beers on him. We send a lot of peaple over to him so it seemed rude not to go and have a beer or two or three and then that’s a odd number and the media always tell you to have a balanced diet so we had to have another to make it four a even number.

The long path back to the camper

You can just see the camper through the trees. I know your thinking it’s not far, but it is all uphill. Reliant is still around and even comes in the camper for a go on the iPad. We are going to miss him and hope he remembers us when we return next March.

Reliant checking his E mails

I mentioned before that we discovered the leisure batteries were knackered. Not normally a problem because we are on hook up but with us leaving here on the 9th and England going into more local restrictions who knows where we will end up parking for our winter tour. So I decided to look down the back of the sofa and under the bed and in every nook and cranny to find the money to pay for them. All ordered and should arrive today. The old ones have been in the camper for ten years so let’s hope these new ones do the same. They are the same model etc which keeps things simple when changing them over as all the connections are the same.

The rain is still hammering down as I type this blog but we have a day off and there’s not much more to do on site now. Hopefully over the next couple of days we can get everything done and enjoy the last days on site chillin and getting some last welsh biking done. There are still nice sites around site to photo like this fungi. Now where’s that boat.

A Fungi