With the site gates closed and all the shut down work done and one last visit to the pub, we could sit back and relax. Now we had to decide what to do after the news that England was going to go into lockdown. And to make it more complicated Wales would come out of lockdown on the 9th November and England go into lockdown on the 5th of November.

We need to get down to Devon, with a stop on the way ideally. Luckily the club we work for open some sites for peaple like us, no fixed abode and peaple who are moving house etc. Cirencester was one of these sites This was one we were going to stop at on the way to Devon anyway. So the decision was made, book into Cirencester and leave Wales. But when do we leave with the cross over lockdowns in place.

We decided we have good reason to be moving about, having finished our contract in wales and then going to a safe place. The club have all our details and are happy for us to do this. we decided to leave wales on the 5th November. All packed up and we left the site yesterday morning at 9.15 am. Me driving the camper and Nikki following on in the car. Nikki has made sandwiches and we planned to pull over somewhere for a comfort break and lunch, all in the comfort of the camper. So from start to finish of our journey we would be totally independent.

We had joked about being stopped, or me being stopped driving the camper in Wales while in lockdown and again in England as that was the day they went into lockdown. I had visions of getting pulled over as Nikki drove on by in the car.

Leaving wales on a beautiful sunny day was hard. We had a lot of wind and rain the last few days but yesterday was beautiful. The mountains looked fantastic and the morning mist laying low in the valleys all reminded me why I love this area so much. It was a long drive, 177 miles and just over four hours with a comfort stop and another stop to refuel. And you know what, we only saw one police camera van and that was about 15 miles after we left site.

The sun was out in Cirencester and as we pulled onto the pitch to get set up, a voice called out, good to see you back and there was Malcolm one of the seasonals who we knew from last year when we worked on this site. He said he had got word of us coming back. The trouble with being famous. LOL Our friends from Cornwall also turned up as they are on the way up north, so it’s good to catch up with them.

So that’s us here at Cirencester. Lockdown in England ends on 2nd December but we have an mot on the camper booked on the 1st. We have a campsite down in Devon which we hope will take us just before this date so we can keep our appointment. If not it will be a night on the garage forecourt ready for the mot next day. Living in a tin can is great, never a dull moment. Oh and one last thing I need some more sofas to look behind and I think we could be living on beans on toast for a long time because I’m sure the clutch is going on the camper. Stay safe everybody.