Our trip to Lincoln to get our fridge freezer replaced in the camper had been planned for a long time. The fridge was paid for in advance and a campsite and travel lodge all booked up. We then had to count the days until we could go and get it done. And of course find the money for the installation etc. While I looked in the lockers, Nikki looked down the back of the sofa and counted how many more times we had to eat beans on toast.

Then Covid starting appearing across the country again and we were beginning to wonder if we would get to Lincoln. Some of the counties in wales were going on local restrictions but the county we are in was all good and in the lowest bracket, luckily so was Lincoln. All this meant we could travel from our base into Lincoln. As the time drew nearer the welsh minister was thinking of going into full lockdown again.

We left wales at 8.15 am on Sunday 18th October. A five hour journey with a stop for lunch in the camper and a fuel stop, 220 miles later we were on the campsite pitched up. The campsite is only ten minutes down the road from camper U.K. where our new fridge freezer was waiting for us. The campsite has two fishing lakes and is really peaceful. We had a walk around the lakes and found some great fungi.


Up early the next morning and off to camper U.K. Handed over the keys, and grabbed our travel bag. I think Nikki thought we were going away for a month the amount she rammed in the bag. Now camper U.K. just happened to have an event on showing off the new 2021 Burstner models. It would be rude not to have a look so we wandered around for an hour looking at them. To be honest there was only one I was really interested in and that was the 2021 Burstner elegance, the newer model of ours. WOW it was very nice but we were having trouble finding money for a fridge so to find about £140,000 was pushing it a bit. Not enough sofas to look behind. Was nice to look at though.

We then rang for a taxi to take us to the travel lodge. An artic lorry would have been more suited for that big bag that Nikki filled. Booked in at the travelodge and off to find our room. It’s strange for us to be sleeping somewhere else other than in the camper. But the room was pleasant and had a great view of Lincoln cathedral.

Our view from the travel lodge window.

We were hungry by now so decided to go out for lunch as we can’t cook or carry a load of food about in our travel bag. I am sure every thing else is in there though. Wetherspoons is always cheap and cheerful and there just happened to be one just around the corner called the Ritz. So we had lunch at the Ritz, although it was nothing like the Ritz but it filled a gap. Back to the room for a chill out and then off to the wharf to find somewhere to have a beer or two and a meal. The wharf is not far from the travel lodge and is really nice.

Dusk at the wharf

It was strange going into Lincoln and seeing everyone wearing face coverings/masks. Well most people were. We had downloaded the track and trace app to our phones and used this wherever it needed to be used, travelodge, wetherspoons and in the pub where we had our evening meal the Royal William IV. That’s it in the photo above. On entering the pub you have to be wearing a mask, you have to scan the barcode for the track and trace and they take your temperature. That’s with a gun not up your bum. Luckily. Your not allowed to go to the bar, it’s all table service which is nice. We had a very nice meal and a couple of beers then wandered back to the travelodge. And I slept for twelve hours. A long drive, the day before, walking about, beer at lunch time and again in the evening. I was done in.

When planning this trip, because we had a couple of days to see Lincoln we knew what we wanted to do. We had already ticked off some of the things like go to the pub, see the wharf, dine at the Ritz. The only two other things we really wanted to do was to see the cathedral and to walk up the old part of Lincoln called steep street. Tuesday was a loverly day so after our cups of tea and biscuits, a real healthy breakfast we masked up and wandered up the high street. I can’t get used to wearing a mask all the time but Nikki insists it looks ok.

Spider man

The main high street was not our cup of tea and apart from Nikki rushing in and out of a couple of shops we soon got through this part of the town. There were a lot of students about and the usual buskers and big issue sellers etc. As we got nearer to steep street the crowds had gone and we were surprised how quiet it was in the old part of Lincoln. Some loverly old shops and cobbled streets.

Steep street
Steep street again.

We wandered all through and up steep street and then found Lincoln cathedral and I must say what an awesome building it is. Built in the eleventh century they certainly knew how to build things then. It dominates the skyline and is very impressive. We walked all around the outside because I wanted to get some photos. Shame the front of it was covered in scaffolding for some renovation work.

Lincoln cathedaral
Lincoln cathedral

On the way back down steep street we called into a small cafe called Buntys a vintage Tea room to have a spot of lunch. It was like going back in time. A real fifties theme, even the waitress dressed in fifties clothes and fifties music playing. After lunch it was time to go back to the travelodge for a chill out. We had arranged to meet some friends in the evening who live on the outskirts of Lincoln. The last time we saw them was about three years ago. As it happened Andy came on his own because Anna had been called away for work which was a shame. Good to see Andy and have a catch up. Forgot to mention, we met him at the same pub we had been to the night before. We went down early as it was a nice evening and sat outside waiting for him to arrive then went inside to eat. Good to see you mate.

This morning we went to get the camper, where we discovered we need new leisure batteries. More beans on toast and looking behind the sofas again. It’s not really a problem because most of the time we are on mains hook up. It’s another expense but can wait for now. Tomorrow we go back to Site and back to work on Friday just as the welsh minister puts Wales into lockdown. That’s if they let us in. It could be interesting. Will keep you informed.

Part of the interior of Lincoln cathedral.

Autumn at the cathedral