With Covid rearing it’s ugly head again we are wondering if we will make it to the end of the season without getting closed down. Some of the welsh counties are in lockdown and some of the sites in South Wales have been closed down early. We only have until the 27th of this month before we close the gates and then have a week to close the site down and leave ourselves. All this depends on what happens of course. We have a lot of peaple cancelling and even some peaple leaving early because they are worried.

Chasing a rainbow

Today we had a day off and decided to go into Porthmadog, not the high street with all the shops and peaple but around but the harbour and the train station where the steam trains go from. The harbour was stunning in the sun and the boats moored in the harbour looked like a painting with the calm waters.

Porthmadog harbour
Another angle of the harbour.

This part of Porthmadog is so nice now out of season and on a day when the sun is shining. The old buildings are solid and the boats are just sat there. We didn’t see many peaple at all. We then crossed the harbour to go to the train station. It’s one of the things I want to do, go on the steam train but they are running a limited service at the moment again because of Covid so we will do it next year. I wanted to get some photos so we went onto the station area. There is a strict one way system in place and you have to wear a face covering. For those going on the train you are given a carriage number and that’s where you must stay for the outward and return journey. Every carriage is then cleaned etc and the next lot go.

Up close

You also have to book online which I don’t want to do in case it’s a rainy day on the day you are booked in. I wandered around taking some photos and Nikki strolled off to sit in the sun outside the cafe where I joined her after getting some photos. Today’s train was called Linda and she was beautiful. Here she is leaving the station getting a head up of steam.

Full steam ahead
The view from an open carriage

We had a great morning and walked the long way back to the car around a lake and then came back to base for lunch. Across the estuary we could see a steam train coming into Porthmadog, the sun catching the steam as it powered its way along the track. So that’s us up to date and counting down the days and hoping we don’t go into lockdown in this area because we need to go and get our fridge replaced in two weeks time. I don’t think it’s going to be an easy winter for us moving about but whatever happens we will be smiling and looking forward to coming back here next year to do all those things I wanted to do this year.

Steaming into Porthmadog