I decided to go for a walk the other day, up to the dam. When I got there I decided to check out another path which goes below the dam, it’s recently been resurfaced, that’s the path not the dam. Then I decided to go on a bit further thinking I could get to the waterfall in the nature reserve we have been to before.

I knew I had to cross the river at some point to be on the other side which is where I wanted to go. So I am wandering along minding my own business talking to the trees and listening to the birds singing, I am miles from anywhere and I see a couple walking towards me. They ask if they can get to the waterfall the way I have just come from. No said I you are lost just like me.

We have a chat and decide to take a path of towards the river but that leads us to the river but no place to cross, or is there. I spot a bit where I think I could get across and say to them I am going to cross there. It looks a bit dodgy but doable. Goodbye they say and wander off back in the direction we came from. I am left alone, can I do it, will I get swept away by the gushing water, it had rained a lot which is why I wanted to go and see the waterfall. The rocks were slippery but I made it, Indiana Jones eat your heart out.

The crossing

So now I was on the side I wanted to be on and heading in the right direction, or so I thought. I came to a point with two paths, I decided to go left, the lesser used path. Just like my life sometimes I take the wrong path. Within ten minutes I was in the middle of a wood and no idea how to get out and back on the path. So I just kept walking and again just like my life I was back on track. Another ten minutes I could hear the waterfall and then it came into view. WOW

A view through the trees

With the recent rain the waterfall was in full flow and looked amazing. I climbed down the path to get a view from below. It was good when me and Nikki went to see it last time but now after the heavy rain it was amazing and the noise was like thunder. I was lost no more and wandered back home.

The next day I went off down the bike park to play, again Nikki was doing other stuff. Part of one of the trails goes alongside the a river and past another waterfall. As I was biking along I could see the river was in full flow so knew the waterfall was going to be good. Normally I bike on by it but today I just had to stop. Again the noise and force of the water was spectacular.

Waterfall at Coed Y Brenin forest centre

I biked on to another spot to see the other waterfall in full flow also. It was raining, I was soaked, I was muddy but I was so happy to be out on my bike. I did get changed quickly though when I got back to the car.

Another waterfall

Today we had a day off and decided on a beach day, although the weather was doing it’s best to put us off. We had a lazy morning and then decided to just go for it. We drove to Criccieth beach, by the time we got there it had stopped raining. We had a nice walk on the beach and being out of season there were not too many peaple about even though it was a Saturday.

A broken breakwater

We are now wondering if we will get closed down before the season ends. Bangor which is in the county of Gwynedd the same as us has been put into lockdown restrictions. So we have our fingers crossed because in a weeks time we are off to Lincoln to get our fridge replaced. This has been planned for nearly six months now and as we leave here soon we really need to get it done, even though we don’t want to spend the money it’s costing, but that’s life.