With the camper being sat on its pitch for six months because of lockdown etc and Nikki’s birthday coming up, it seemed like an ideal excuse to get it out on the road. I hate it being sat for longer than a month normally. So the decision was made to go away on our three days off which also happened to include Nikki’s birthday.

The plan was to go to another club site with a pub nearby, what else did you expect. We would be walking everywhere because we weren’t going to take the car. There is a loverly site on Anglesey called Cae Mawr in a village called Marian glas. A pub just outside the entrance and a twenty minute walk to Traeth beach which also has a beach cafe The site was booked up and we were counting down the days.

The plan was to leave work Sunday at midday and jump straight in the camper and head off, the weather was looking good for the Sunday, Monday and changing on Tuesday. We would get there in an hour and a half, pitch up and chill outside the camper in the sun with a beer. The next day we would go for a walk down the beach and then on the way back go in the pub for a meal and maybe a beer or two.

All pitched up in September sun

We had a loverly chill out on Sunday afternoon. Then when the sun went down we came in for some tea, that’s tea as in a meal not a cup of tea. A great treat then looking out the window to see a red squirrel running about just outside the window. The owners of the caravan next to us came back just before we came in and I asked if they knew if the pub was any good for food. No food only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So that buggered up our plans to go for a bite to eat on Monday.

Monday morning was bright and sunny so decided to walk down to the small beach/cove and have a lunch in the beach cafe. Saw this funeral directors on the way with an old village phone box now converted to house a defibrillator a thing a lot of villages do. I could not help wondering if the funeral directors lock the phone box so they get more business.

Is it locked or not

We got to the beach cafe and guess what, it was closed all locked up for winter. Our eating out was not going too well. Good job we can laugh about these things. But we were starving so we decided to walk around the coast path to another small village called Moelfre which, when I looked on google maps did have a pub.

The walk was spectacular and the sun was shining, all was looking good. We even had one bay all to ourselves. About 30 minutes later we reached Moelfre. A very busy cafe was looking good but too busy so headed off to find the pub. Guess what. The pub was closed……..but that was only because it opened at midday and it was 11.50am. There were benches outside so we plonked ourselves down on one facing the sea and prayed they would do food, or if not they had a lot of crisps.

The bay all to ourselves

Thirty seconds to midday I got up and walked towards the pub door praying for food and beer. The door swung open and in I strolled ordered a beer and a soft drink for Nikki and with bated breath asked if they did food. Yes we do here’s a menu the girl said. I could have kissed her if it wasn’t for the wearing of masks and keeping two metres apart. Back out into the sunshine and deciding what to have for lunch, ordered and another beer to celebrate and staring out to sea and thinking how nice this September weather is on Nikki’s birthday.

Moelfre beach /cove.

A loverly lunch was had at The Kinmel arms and now we had to walk back along the coast path. The tide had come in by now and at one point we knew we had to walk on the beach because of a landslide but all was well because it was not a very big tide and the sea was calm. The photo below is my favourite of the day, I had to stop and just look at this so many times.

Stunning walk.
The coast path

We got back to the camper and chilled in the sun again, thinking every thing turned out good. In fact it was better than it would have been if we had stuck to our original plan. The whole walk was only five miles but worth every step just for the views on the coast path. Today we have been for a small walk around the lanes and through the fields. The weather has changed and rain is forecast for later. We will leave here tomorrow morning because we have to start work at midday tomorrow. It’s been great to be out in the camper again, on the road.

You see strange things on the beach.