Just a quick post to tell you about my playground. Only fifteen minutes drive away from here where we are working is a forest centre called Coed y Brenin. Welsh for Kings forest. It’s a huge big area, forests normally are. Plenty of parking, a cafe, toilets, bike wash, showers not for bikes but for mucky riders of bikes, information centre and a bike shop stocked with lots of goodies and a bike workshop. You can also hire bikes from them.

There are walking trails, running trails, and of course the bike trails. The bike trails are split in to different runs, blue red, black etc. Depending on your skill level and what you like. There is also a skills track which is a bit of everything to give you an insight into what to expect out on the trails. The trails are from 7-23 miles long. Below are some of the gateways to some of the trails.

A big set of front forks
A bulls nose ring.
The Bulls horns.

There are loads of UTube clips on the internet about the trails if you want to check them out. Just put Coed Y Brenin, blue, red, or black in the utube search sit back and watch.

I plan to do a few of them by the end of the season. I love the blue trail because it’s fast and flowing, divided up into four bits and the more you do it the braver you get and faster. The other day I did three loops of the four loops a total of 24 miles. The scenery is fantastic although some of it is a blur when your going fast. Derelict farm houses, waterfalls, etc.

Only needs a roof
This is stunning.
It’s that bull again.

So that’s my playground, where I go as often as I can on my days or half days off. Boys and there toys. Hopefully next year will be better because the cafe will be open so Nikki will come down there and go for a walk and then we will have lunch in the cafe afterwards. She has been for a walk down there and said it was loverly but wants to do other walking trails. So if any of you go there watch out for an old git with a beard on a blue bike, he will be right on your tail trying to pass or trying to get out the brambles where he overshot the corner.

Fast and flowing