Where has the season gone. It only seems like yesterday we were rolling up here in Snowdonia with a big list of things to do and places to see. And now we only have Seven weeks work left and we will be driving out the gate having not done many things on the list. Some have been ticked off but there is plenty more to do next year. And hopefully next year will be a better year for doing things. The four months of furlough put a stop to most things this year.

The other morning when I pulled the blind down the mountain looked so nice in a faded morning light. The sky changes so quickly and the mountain I see out my window comes and disappears. Sometimes it’s topped with white fluffy cloud other times dark cloud.

The view from my window

I have been down to the bike park and getting used to my bike, sometimes a little bit too confident. The different trails are great and all different skills are involved. It is just like a big playground for me. Yesterday I did sixteen miles of trails down there. And it’s even better now because we are working here we get free parking. It’s only a fifteen minute drive away and it has a bike shop, cafe, toilets, showers although the cafe is not open due to Covid.

Start of one of the trails

Another bike ride took me around lake Trawsfynydd and I had to stop for a photo shoot. Again such wonderful scenery.

Lake Trawsfynydd

Reliant is getting more colour on him by the day and even pops in the office now for a crumb. He is also chasing off other robins that dare to come into his territory. He knows where he is well off and can get regular food, until the beginning of November that is. After that he is on his own but I hope he remembers us when we come back next year.

Reliants latest photo.

So that’s up to date, we have just had two day’s off and go back to work today. Our next long weekend off we are going to go away in the camper to a site on Anglesey for Nikki’s birthday. A site with a pub at the entrance and a beach fifteen minutes walk away. Should be good.