A day off today so decision was made to go out for the day or some of it. Harlech has a wonderful beach, the town we passed through the other day without stopping. Nikki had found a wool shop on line in Harlech with a cafe / small bar. A weird combination but we are in Wales.

The weather was overcast today but we still like to get out and about. Nothing stops us we’re British you know. It’s not far and the scenery is wonderful if you could see it through the mist. Found the beach carpark and parked up. £3.30 minimum, short work to the beach and then you’re on a huge big beach which I would hate to be on if the sun was out. Today it had just a few peaple on it who have the attitude we are on holiday we are going to sit on the beach, rain or shine.

Harlech beach

After wandering around the beach and smelling the sea we decided to walk up into town to find the wool shop for Nikki and the cafe for a spot of lunch. With the castle up on the hill we knew it was going to be a slog uphill. The road sign said 25% steepness, luckily it wasn’t for too long, but long enough so Nikki says. I waited for her at the top.

A moody shot of the castle.

As you get to the top of the 25% gradient hill you come to Harlech castle, perched on top of the hill with a view out over the beach. Built so they could see all the enemies approaching. The castle only opened today after being closed because of Covid and you have to book on line. I spoke to the guy on the entrance and he said they were booked solid for a week ahead. We have plenty of time to go back and see it if we choose to. The view from it will be fantastic.

Harlech castle view from the side.

Found the wool shop and cafe so we decided to have a spot of lunch. And that is where we got disappointed. Looking at the menu it looked loverly. We opted for a sandwich on granary bread with coleslaw, salad and crisps. Now I was expecting a nice thick bread sandwich with plenty of filling, bowl of salad and some crisps. What I got was a sandwich made with just normal sliced bread, hardly any filling, enough salad for one mouthful and a couple of crisps, well there might have been six. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Not just because of the food but because for me and Nikki to have this and a soft drink each was £20.75p Bloody rip off. I was going to complain but thought better of it as I was fuming so could have turned out nasty. I will not be recommending it to anyone.

The rest of the small town was nice including other nice cafes, we know for next time and a nice ice cream shop.

That was our day out. We still enjoyed ourselves but you live and learn. I think because it’s mad season, August and all the cafes etc have only just been allowed to open they are desperate for business so charging top dollar and skimping on the food knowing next week will be another lot of peaple on holiday.

When we got back I was busy setting my bike rack up on the car ready to go off down the bike park next week when we’re off and Reliant wanted his photo taken next to the bike.

Poser Reliant