We arrived here in Snowdonia at the beginning of March. On my to do list was to hike up Snowdon. Then with lockdown and now the mad busy part of the season it has not happened yet. At one stage we were going to go for a drive just to sea the mighty mountain. But glad we didn’t because on that weekend according to the local news there were cars parked everywhere and cars being towed away. It’s a very busy place in the weekends.

But yesterday was the day. We had a day off and decided to have a drive out to see the mountain they call Snowdon, the one I am going to hike up, probably next year now. It was forecast to be a hot day so we set of early. The drive took us on the A470 through Blaenau Ffestiniog a typical welsh village surrounded with mountains, with a slate mine on the edge of it. Onwards on the A470 and then turning left onto the A5 towards Betts y Coed.

Heading for another village called Capel Curig we take another left onto the A4086. And there in the distance is Snowdon. Our first glimpse of the mighty mountain and we have only been here for nearly six months. In all honesty I might have seen it before at some stage but didn’t know what to look for.

The road to Snowdon

But before getting a bit closer there was a great photo opportunity to be had on our left, a beautiful lake as calm as could be with great reflections. Luckily there was a lay-by to pull into and get a great shot of it.


It was hard to pull away from that lay-by with a view like that. Onwards we come closer to Snowdon on our right. We could have gone another way onto the Llanberis pass to see Snowdon which would have taken us closer but there would have been more traffic and peaple which is why we decided to go the way we went. Another lay-by to pull into and take a photo. With Snowdon in the distance and a slight heat haze just made it look awesome. And the thought that I was one day going to be stood on top of that mountain after a hiking up it. Nikki will be up there also hopefully but she will take the train up and meet me at the top.


That’s it in the middle of the picture if you don’t know. I am hoping later in the season to get some photos of it with snow on top. The surrounding scenery was just as nice. North wales reminds me of New Zealand with mountains and lakes and lots of sheep. And it’s only the real tourist spots that are busy. You can find a fantastic lake or mountain and not see another person all day.

Another welsh view
And another

After staring at the mountain and scenery for what seemed like ages we carried on down the A4086 and joined the A498 towards Porthmadog to get some shopping. And then back to home for lunch and chill out the rest of the day with a BBQ and beer in the evening.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you about the bike park. The bike park down the road, about a fifteen minute drive away called Coed Y Brenin forest park. I know I have mentioned it before but I got to go down there a couple of days ago. Again an early start, well not early early but early for Nikki as she was coming also. And no she was not going to go on all the forest tracks and rocks and jumps etc on her bike. There are some walking paths all through the woods etc. It was going to be a quick visit because we had other stuff to do. So parked up and agreed to be back at the car in an hour. Nikki strolled off, I rode off on my bike and rode the trails for an hour. First impressions are very good and there are so many trails, all of different skill levels etc. I covered nearly eight miles and again some of the views were fantastic. This bike park will be my playground and only fifteen minutes drive away. When Covid goes away the cafe there will be open. There are also toilets, showers, bike wash and a bike shop with workshop there.

A trail view