Now the site is open it’s good to see peaple again and hear their different opinions on COVID-19 . We are all set up for it here with one person in reception at a time, big Perspex screen on the counter, card machine wiped down after every customer etc. Outside the service points are wiped down three times a day and peaple generally keep their distance. Some peaple wear masks, others gloves and masks. But at the end of the day we are not their keepers so it’s down to the individual to be sensible and stay safe.

The site is busy with us being so close to Snowdon so there are motorhomes coming and going all the time. Two weekends ago there were about 800 cars all parked on the roadways by Snowdon according to the local news. All illegally parked so many would have got tickets. The police put a warning out that they would be towing vehicles away. The next weekend they turned away 80 vehicles before before 8am on the Saturday and were there with a tow truck. I want to hike up Snowdon myself but am not going near it now until after the mad season is over, I might even wait until next year now.

Gerry the other warden found a dead grass snake by the gas tank, it was only a young one. A bit of google research found they if they eat and can’t digest their food and then get cold they die so it looks like that is what happened to this poor little snake. I was worried because for a couple of days after finding all this info out Reliant Robin was not about but he has now returned which is good news.

Yesterday Nikki and I went out for the day, the weather was not great but we just wanted to have a drive about and get off site on our day off. We looked on the map and headed out on the highway the A487 towards Barmouth. The drive was nice with fantastic scenery and as you come into Barmouth winding down the hill you have the estuary on your left and little cafes open on your right. The tide was out so the boats were just on the sand waiting for the tide to come back in so they could bob about again on the sea. . There were a lot of peaple about and lots of kids now the schools have broken up.

We had a walk up into the town but it was not our sort of place. Too many peaple, shops all selling the same sort of tat, bucket and spades hanging up everywhere, closed up shops, sea gulls shitting everywhere and squawking near anyone with food, arcades and even a small fairground, fish and chip shops and two closed and run down pubs. There was only one shop front I liked which looked so calm in amongst all the mayhem.

Nice looking shop front.

We walked the long way round back to the car which was parked facing the beach and sat there eating our sandwiches watching the peaple go about their business outside. There was even donkeys on the beach. Can’t remember the last time I saw donkey rides on a beach. Probably because I never go to this sort of beach, but we have been there done that now, had a look, some nice bits but we won’t rush back.

Back on the road and heading towards Harlech which we drove through without even stopping. Nothing to see here. There was a beautiful beach though. The loop we were doing took us back into Porthmadog and we knew of a small cove called Borth y Gest which someone on site had told us about. It’s a small village with a couple of tea shops and a nice outlook over the estuary. Parked up we then had a very expensive ice cream sat overlooking the estuary and mountains in the background.


We walked along the coast path then and passed a couple of small coves with only a handful of peaple on them. This was our sort of place.

The coast path

We went down onto the beach and sat in the sun watching the tide come in. We were completely sheltered from the wind and with the mountains the other side of the estuary it looked fantastic.

One of the coves
The tides coming in

After an hour it was time to head home. I was getting hungry and the beach was shrinking with the tide coming in which would make everyone leave the beach. We didn’t want to get caught up in the rush of about six peaple leaving the cove. Passed this loverly little church on the way back overlooking the sea.

That was our day out over, a mixture of good and not so good. Today we are back at work and my old bike goes to its new owner. He is coming here to pick it up. I have to make a phone call to arrange for our fridge to replaced later in the year, that’s another story for another day and don’t even get me started on the price. Stay safe out there.