On the 13th of July I opened the gates and swung them open wide and bolted them open. We were open for business. Our peace and quiet for the last four months was going to be shattered. The first day of opening worked out well for me and Nikki as that was our day off on the rota. The peaple rolled in and the sound of laughter filled the air. Got to admit it was nice to see peaple out and about on site.

The next day, Tuesday was also our day off so we had a chilled out day and then went over the pub for a drink and a bite to eat. The pubs in wales also opened on the Monday 13th but only if they had a garden. It was nice to go to a pub again I must admit. Just to support the local after lockdown you do understand. This is us doing what we do best.


You may remember a couple of post back Robbie the robin. Well now he has offspring and one of the youngsters has become attached to me, he follows me, sits waiting for me outside our garage. He knows where the food is kept. I was talking to someone on site and he was sat down by my feet as I told them all about him. They said he has become reliant on me. So that’s his new name Reliant Robin. He feeds from my hand just like Robbie.

Reliant Robin

My new bike is fantastic and I have been out around the lake on it. Getting used to it for a couple of weeks before I go off down the bike park. I even got it muddy and dirty the other day. But I had to clean it the next day.

Out where it belongs

Our fish supply is still ongoing and we had a delivery the other day of two beautiful trout. We have just had one for tea tonight. Very nice it was too with plenty left over for a sandwich at lunchtime tomorrow.

Trout for tea

So that’s us up to date again. The site’s open, the pub’s open, we are getting back to normal slowly. Hard to think in three and a half months I will be closing the gate after the last caravan or motorhome drives out and the season will be over. Until then we will continue to welcome the customers, support the local pub and enjoy life under the sun, and we still enjoy life when it rains, we just prefer the sun. Stay safe everybody.

Life’s good