The flag was lifted yesterday by Mr Mark Drakeford the welsh minister. As of yesterday we are allowed out to play, we can travel more than five miles, which is weird because it’s ten miles for us to go shopping which Nikki has been doing every week since lockdown.

We are not allowed out to the pub yet though, that comes on Monday 13th and then only allowed in the beer garden so we better have some good weather otherwise the pubs will be losing more income. The site is opening on Monday 13th also. And guess what, that Monday and the Tuesday are our days off. How good is that.

We have been working hard to get the site up to standard since the beginning of this month, lots of grass cutting , making it as COVID 19 proof as we can. Just hope the members use some kind of common sense and stay safe and respect we want to stay safe.

So what do you do when the flags raised after being in lockdown since March and having a new mountain bike on order and not see the sea for months. I will tell you. You get up on the morning of the 6th at 5.30 am, you have a cup of tea and wait for Nikki to wake up then keep saying are you ready yet, are you ready yet. We did say we were going to leave at 7am. At 6.45am we were pulling out the site and on our way to Bury, 110 miles away to a bike shop. It was so nice to be out and about. Found the bike shop, got the bike all set up suspension etc for me. Paid for it and loaded it into the car. Credit card smouldering away. Now I know you want to see it so here you go, feast your eyes on this thing of beauty.

My new toy.

We left the shop and went to the nearest Tesco, just round the corner. Nikki went in shopping while I bonded with my bike. An hour later we are on our way home. 220mile round trip with a grin from ear to ear. It was a long day and was glad to climb into bed at the end of the day. And no the bike never came to bed, although it was suggested.

Today we had off also so decided to go and see the sea. We had not seen the sea since January and being sea loving peaple we were itching to see it. We didn’t get up so early for this trip. Weather was not so good today but we decided we really needed to see the sea. We left the site got onto the main road and turned left heading for Criccieth, a small town with a castle on the headland. The beach was deserted. We then headed further along the coast to Pwllheli which is a bigger town. We parked along side the beach and walked along the deserted beach.

Leave only footprints
Criccieth castle on the beach.

The rest of today I have been pottering about in the garage with my bike. And tomorrow we go back to work. One last photo. This was on one of the ways onto the beach. It’s in welsh and translated it says leave only your footprints.