The light at the end of the tunnel is nearer. Mr Mark Drakeford who runs Wales has said if things are still looking good on the sixth July we are going to be allowed out to play, free movement all over wales and even into England. Now this is good news. Why’s it good news, because that means I can go and get my new bike at last. After deciding to treat myself to a new bike on my big birthday and finding one in a bike shop 120 miles away in England, a deposit was payed to secure it and the wait started. It will be six weeks of waiting when I eventually get my grubby little hands on it. Ten more sleeps to go, not that I am counting. 6th of July I will be up early and out on the road with a grin from ear to ear. My old bike is sold, that sold within 36 hours and is all cleaned, polished and waiting to be picked up.

More good news is that we are being unfurloughed on the 1st July which is good, that means we will be back on full wages. And the site is looking like it will be opening in the 13th July and we are fully booked. It’s going to be very busy for the rest of the season. As we close at the end of October we only have three and a half months of work before we have our winter break.

The site is looking like a Jungle at the moment with the grass so long because we’re not allowed to work but we will have two weeks before it opens to get it looking good. Just hope the weather stays good.

We have a pet Robin. Robbie has been hanging around our compound after food for a couple of weeks now. Meet Robbie.


He is not very old and comes round every day. Robins can get very tame and are always hanging around gardeners for the chance of a meal etc. We had one a few years ago when we had our Winnebago, he used to come and visit when we were sat out at the picnic bench and I used to feed him from my hand.

I decided to see if I could do the same with Robbie, so every time he came round I had some food and tempted him nearer and nearer each time. After a couple of days he ate out my hand. He is still a bit nervous but will soon learn that we are no harm to him and will feed more and more from our hands. He often sits on the sun chair arm while we are sitting in it looking at us as if to say where’s my food. He even sat on Nikki’s wine glass, but that was a step to far. Nikki almost had a seizure thinking someone else was going to have some of her wine.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

One more photo of Robbie. I have taken a lot of photos of him and will properly take a lot more. This one is my favourite so far. A bit of a lucky shot, but with some skill and patience involved. I love the way the sun lights up his wings as he dances for the camera. This is Robbie dancing. He taught himself to dance.

The BBQ has been getting a lot of use this season with all this good weather we have been having. It’s great sitting outside having a cool beer and something to eat. It’s nice for Nikki to get outside and cook sometimes rather than being stuck indoors cooking. LOL. Yesterday’s offerings were trout with garlic bread. We know a man who fishes and a couple of weeks ago asked us if we liked fish. We like fish but I don’t like all the fiddly bones when eating it. Anyway he bought us round a trout. I gutted it and chopped it’s head off. Just point out at this point the fish was dead although he was looking at me. Nikki was busy on google looking at ways to cook it. The next day Nikki cooked it wrapped in foil with slices of lemon inside, on the side new potatoes and veg. My mouth is watering now thinking about it. She even managed to de bone it before serving it up.

The following week another fish arrived and we had that one the same. Then a couple of days ago he said he was bringing around some fish, have you got room in your freezer he said. A couple of hours later he arrived with a carrier bag full of fish. Our wardens also get the same. I got them already for the freezer except one nice big one. Cut into two portions, one big for me and one small for Nikki. We had a BBQ yesterday with the trout. Nikki’s was wrapped in foil, mine was just placed on the BBQ. I can’t tell you how nice it was. Well I can but you will just have to look at the picture and imagine the taste. But I can tell you it was bloody loverly.