I now know what the saying Groundhog Day means. It is beginning to feel like it now. Don’t get me wrong I love having all the time off work but we feel trapped. Nikki goes shopping once a week a journey of 20 miles round trip. We go for walks, I go out on my bike. But it’s not the same as being able to go where we want. If the world was normal or as normal as it was before COVID-19 we would have done so much by now and seen so much of this beautiful area we are in for the season.

You look at the news and see groups of peaple, protests, party’s etc. Peaple just doing what they want as if nothing is wrong. The media has a lot to answer for also, never reporting on the good things. Ok that’s it, getting off my soap box now.

This little bug is just going about as normal, in his or her own little world visiting flowers or weeds.

The campsite is looking a bit like a jungle at the moment but as we are furloughed we are not allowed to to do any work on the site. By the time we get un furloughed we will need to get a combine harvester in. If we were in England this season we could possibly be opening on the 4th of July so would be un furloughed so we had time to get the site tidied up. As we’re in wales we don’t know when we will be opening so the furlough goes on. And the bank balance is not as good as it should be. We do still have jobs and somewhere to live though which is a real bonus.

Out on my bike a couple of days ago I found a different track, google earth is wonderful for looking at the area. Still no one around while I am out only a few sheep who don’t really care, they just look up carry on chewing. The views from this route are so nice. The pic below is from the highest point, not the best of days but still awesome views that I never get tired of looking at.

A bit further on is another track I just had to explore. Found a great little lake and further on is a disused quarry. The track goes further but I will leave that to another day to explore. Also I pass a old roman ruin called Tomen y muir which me and Nikki are going to walk up to.

Reflecting on life

So that’s us up to date, hopefully the next blog post will be telling you we have been out somewhere. This weekend is the longest day. I feel since COVID-19 everyday has been the longest day. The last photo is on my early morning walk around the site looking for photo opportunity This reed/ leaf looked so peaceful with the morning water droplets on. Stay safe everyone and to those that know us, see you soon hopefully. And to those that don’t know us, maybe one day we will meet on our travels.