We have had a great run of good weather considering everyone said to us it always rains in Wales. I think we have had more BBQs in May than we had all last summer. As I sit here now typing this blog it’s pouring down outside, I can’t see the mountain I normally see out the window and the temperature has dropped by about ten degrees. I normally have the chairs outside by now and sit in the morning sun with a cup of tea. All this is after I get up early and get out on my bike before it’s too hot. Leaving the camper yesterday at 5.15am and doing 32 miles. Last week I did similar silly early morning rides.

With all the free time we have been having because of being furloughed it’s been good to catch up on jobs that need doing and other jobs that just pop up and need doing that aren’t on my list. Washing and polishing the car and camper is always on my list and they are or should I say were looking very shiny up until now. In fact they were shiny on top of shiny. The two photos below are water droplets on a very waxed and shiny car roof and the camper also has a nice shine to it demonstrated in the photo of the reflection.

Other jobs to do are to fix the door, I mentioned this a while ago and am still waiting for a part, a small spring which I am hoping is going to do the job. And now we have another problem, our fridge has gone Kaput. This is a bigger problem than just a spring. It is dead, kaput, out for the count, deceased, knackered what ever you want to call it, it is not coming back to life. I smelt ammonia and that means one thing, it’s lost all it’s coolant. The fridge is ten years old and when you think what the fridges in campers go through with all the miles we do on the lovely smooth roads NOT it’s surprising they work at all. Now our fridge is not like a fridge you have in your house, it might look the same but it runs on 240v, when we’re on hookup, 12v when we’re driving and gas when we’re not on hookup. It also has a oven on top of the fridge all connected and can’t be separated. And just to complicate things you can’t get this model fridge anymore. So the search is on for a replacement and then a dealer who can do the job. And of course get stock of replacement. Nothing is simple living on the road.

On the brighter side of life, walking around the campsite I have managed to get some great photos in the sunlight. The flowers, or weeds to some look like they’re floating, almost like spaceships coming into land on planet Snowdonia. The damsel fly was enjoying the morning sun. It took me ages to get that photo because every time I got close he flew away so I had to follow him until he landed again and try again. The things I do to get these photos for you out there reading this blog. And you just think we sit around all day in the sun drinking beer. The last photo is my favourite for a long time. This is a grass snake and was curled up basking in the sun. I was lucky to spot it and surprised it didn’t slither off as soon as it saw me. Even more surprising I got really close to get the photo and when I say close I mean within a foot of it. If it was an adder I would not have got this close. I got a couple of photos and then stood back and it slithered off into the undergrowth. It was about 3 ft long. That’s the snake not the undergrowth. Really pleased just to see one and even better to get a photo.

Floating flowers or weeds
Damsel fly
Basking Grass snake

So that’s us up to date, still waiting for the welsh leader to say we can go out to play and travel around. And open the campsite. Nikki says I need more peaple to annoy and talk to. Stay safe everyone. We will come out of this mad world soon.