It only seems like last week I was in my fifties and now I have hit the big 60. Did I feel any different when I woke up, no, did I start to wear different clothes, no, have I finally grown up. Don’t answer that if you know me. Growing up is optional and I opted out a long time ago.

I got up in the morning early as normal and the camper had been decorated with banners and balloons just so I didn’t forget how old I was supposed to be. Thanks Nikki. A nice big bag of assorted chocolate and a couple of boxes of real ale which I really like and can’t get around here were there for the taking.

Just to remind me.

We had planned to have a BBQ with Gerry and Debra the other wardens, it was there anniversary also. the weather was not looking to good but was supposed to get better in the afternoon. So fingers crossed and yes it did Brighton up. While chatting at the BBQ we were discussing what you get when you reach 60. So I can get free travel in London, that’s useful I never go there. I can get a free bus pass in Wales, that’s good I don’t live here. I can get free prescriptions, that’s good I very rarely go to the doctors. So all in all not a lot. We ate and drank until the sun went down and the bugs came out to feast on us, then it was time to call it a day. Debra made me another chocolate cake. If your reading this Bill, i know you follow my blog, I was going to save you a bit but because of lockdown I decided to eat it myself. Sorry. This picture is for you. This is what you could have had.

Dream on Bill.
Berry and Debra hiding from the bugs, not camera shy.

This lock down is starting to get in my nerves now. Not because I don’t think it’s a good idea but because there is no general rules which apply to everyone. We are in Wales for the season and our rules are different to peaple in England. We are way behind. In England now you can go out and about as long as you return home at night. Here we can go out for shopping and only essential trips. From the first of June here in wales you can go and meet family but only travel five miles but we travel ten miles each way to go to the nearest supermarket. The beach car parks are closed down in Devon but you can go to Tesco and Sainsbury’s and park in there carpark and go in the shop with other peaple about. None of it makes sense. We are allowed out to exercise and luckily we can go out from the site to walk or I can go on my bike into some beautiful scenery and not see anybody.

The reason I am more frustrated is that before my birthday, you know that big day, I decided I was going to have a big present. Normally birthdays are just another day to me and Nikki but we do celebrate the big ones. I wanted a new bike so I started doing my research etc and found the one I wanted. Found a shop with one in stock which was really hard to find because not a lot of shops stock the one I want and being here in the middle of nowhere everything is miles away. We don’t even have a village shop here. Rang the shop and put a deposit on it. So it’s secured and waiting for me to collect. I was hoping that the welsh man who runs Wales and makes all the decisions Mark Drakeford was going to lift the restrictions so that we could go out and about like England. But no he never. He obviously is not a mountain biker and does not understand. So it looks like my new bike will just be sitting there in the shop waiting for the day I can go and pick it up. Until then I just look at it online and dream of the day I can get it and go off to the bike parks and play. That’s in between working of course. In the meantime I can’t even sell my old one because no one can come and look at it.

So that’s us up to date still in lockdown and still furloughed. The sun is still shining with this wonderful spell of nice weather. My garden is doing well, the car and camper are shiny on top of shiny so alls good really.

Butterfly enjoying the morning sun.