Being in Wales we are still in lockdown, while England is allowed out to play to a certain degree. I really hope wales lift some restrictions soon. The next update from them is 28th May. We are lucky that we can walk from the site and see beautiful views of mountains and forests, lakes etc and not see another person. A couple of days ago I went out on my bike around the lake and it felt so good I went around again so all in all I did 20 miles and only saw one other person from a distance.

We had heard about a waterfall in a woodland not far from the site so yesterday me and Nikki decided to go and find the gate which takes you to the trail. I have passed the spot before but was on my bike and could not remember seeing any gate. ( probably going to fast ). When ever me and Nikki go out for a walk it’s a standing joke that I say just round the next corner because I always want to go further just to see what’s around the next corner. So we set off to find the gate. Where we thought it was it wasn’t so I turn to Nikki and say come on just around that next corner. It still wasn’t there only sheep in the road. Just as we were about to turn around there it was. It was around the next corner. Most gates have springs on so they shut behind you so the sheep can’t get out. I love this old gate with a block of concrete suspended as a weight and pulley system.

The ol gate

Across the field we go towards the start of the trail, through beautiful woodland. The nature reserve is called coed Llennyrch nature reserve and is a rare Atlantic oak woodland. There are lots of trails through it and they will be walked on another day. We heard a cuckoo but didn’t see him. We walked over this rickety old bridge, no safety net on the sides etc, no health and safety going on here.

Rickety old bridge

We could hear the waterfall and then it came into view through the trees. Now don’t get too excited we’re not talking Niagra falls here it’s just a small waterfall in Wales after a very dry spell but it’s in a beautiful location and right on our doorstep.

View from above

The climb down was quite steep and slippery but worth the effort when you got down to the bottom. Like I said not Niagra falls but beautiful anyhow. I can see myself going swimming in the pool on a hot day. I will let the pictures do the talking. You have to imagine the sound of the water cascading down, the birds singing in the trees, the cuckoo doing what he does, cuckooing and at the same time so silent with no one else around. Enjoy the pics.

Imagine the sound
So tempting to get in there.

So glad we went around the next corner and found the gate. We will go back there and explore more. On the way back we pass a nice old stone archway and Nikki always has to have a look in, its only a field with a horse in but she has to have a look.

Nikki’s lookout or lookin.

So that’s us up to date. Hope your all safe and well and we can all get out and about more soon. One final thing, I decided to have a haircut so Nikki got the clippers out and did the deed, I thought it was still too long so got a razor out and trimmed it back to the bone. It will grow. I was eating a squirrel when this photo was taken.

Cool for summer