The campsite is not open for business but the bug hotel is up and running. Plenty of rooms with different themes and views. Ground floor is a hedgehog house complete with personal tunnel. Would be nice to think a hedgehog would curl up in there for the winter hibernation. I have filled it with dry leaves, just the sort of thing they like. The rest of the hotel is furnished with bamboo, old wood, slates, tiles and various branches. The whole thing was made using recycled fencing, screws and some slate for the roof from the old bug house.

Bug Hotel
Hedgehog tunnel into the basement.

The rest of the site is looking better everyday with a real good variety of colour. As some flowers die off others appear so it’s constantly changing everywhere.

The bees are busy flying from one flower to the next and so important in the life chain. Wasps are important also so I am told but I don’t like them after being stung by one at Cirencester last year and my whole hand swelling up and starting to travel up my arm. So as long as they leave me alone I leave them alone.

Took this photo this morning. A very busy bee

Yesterday me and Nikki had a stroll round the site and when we got back we could not unlock the door so had to get in through the drivers door and somehow I managed to unlock it from inside. Then the fun started taking it all apart and trying to discover what is wrong. I can open and close the door but can’t lock it. So at least we can get in and out. More internet research and no doubt more expense and it will be fixed sometime soon. In the meantime we have a open plan door panel.

The new look door panel

Yesterday was VE Day so we decided to have a BBQ and beer with the other wardens on site. We took everything up to a sunny spot on the site and had a good time. Played some old 40’s music, ate chicken, sausages and pork, with a bit of salad and potatoes. Nothing was rationed. We drank beer and wine and enjoyed the evening sun. Debbie made a winston Churchill fruit cake which was a old recipe. I don’t like fruitcake so she made me my own chocolate cake. Lilly their springer spaniel was enjoying running around like a mad thing.

Mad dog caught in flight

So that’s us up to date. I know every blog post seems like Groundhog Day but hopefully soon we will be able to get out and about and have some pictures of the surrounding area to show you all. In the meantime stay safe and dream of having a piece of this loverly chocolate cake. Shame you can’t have any but I can tell you it’s loverly. Now put your tongue away and stop dribbling.