This weekend the campsite would have been fully booked. The arrival of motor homes and caravans trickling through the gates, all the different peaple from all over the uk. The laughter from most and sour faces from others, yes we get them all. You would think that as they’re coming away on holiday they would be happy, the smell of BBQ’s firing up and the ching of beer and wine glasses calling of cheers. We always join in on that one. Just to be sociable you understand.

But all that is not happening this year at Easter, instead we are looking after an empty site and it all feels really strange to be honest. Yes it’s nice having the time off because we like our free time but we actually like working in this job also. Apart from the sour faces. They can self isolate every year.

We went shopping the other day. Nikki normally goes on her own but I said I would drive her there and wait in the car. It’s a ten mile drive each way to Porthmadog and it feels like your in a war zone almost. The streets are empty of peaple, the shops all closed up and you don’t see many peaple walking the streets. Some you do see have masks on and there not burglars. Well they might be but I should imagine all the real burglars are pretty fed up because everyone is at home now so they can’t go breaking into empty houses. Just proves there is good and bad in all things. We parked up at Tesco and Nikki joined the queue which looked like it was a mile long but it actually moved along quickly. The queue looked long because of keeping your distance rules. I sat in the car listening to the radio and peaple watching. Saw some peaple arrive look at the queue and get back in their car and go, obviously not needing anything desperately. I saw a lady, before getting out the car, put her gloves on, mask and hood up. It’s a strange world at the moment.

Luckily we are in a wonderful spot and are able to get out for exercise. Apart from having the whole campsite to wander around we are in the edge of a little village with plenty of footpaths, woods, and a huge big lake to walk or bike around. My Snowdonia garden is looking good. This flower below is on its own but looks so nice. It’s called a snakes head fritillary.

Another part of the site is a dog walk. It has a bench seat in for the dog owners to rest their legs while the dogs tire themselves out. I often walk round the site and often just sit on this bench to chill out. It’s so peaceful with just the birdsong and sheep in the nearby fields making a noise. A nice noise. I watch as birds gather nesting material and fly off to build their nests thinking they are hidden but I know where they are. It’s surprising how much you see when you just sit somewhere really quiet and watch and listen.

My Chill-out bench

Another part of the site I found this tree fungi, ugly to some but at the same time beautiful just hanging on the side of the tree looking like it was built there from wood and now the paint is starting to peel off and crack in the sun.

I went for a walk the other morning from the site, through the fields and then up through the wood towards the lake and the dam. The short stretch of single lane road I saw one car. The rest of the time I was out which was about two hours and I walked five and a half miles I didn’t see a single person. Come to think about it I didn’t see a married person either. The sun was shining, only a small breeze, the birds were singing. I had a big grin on my face. (Not a sour face). Life’s good. I saw this big bull in a nearby field. He looked happy, but then in the next field were five cows with newborn calves. That’s why he looked happy.

What you looking at, keep your distance

As you come out the top of the wood and head down the overgrown track you see the lake spread out in front of you. The view is so nice. I think you will agree. We do feel very lucky even if we can’t get out to other places at the moment.

The view as you come out the wood.

So that’s us up to date. Stay safe everybody and hopefully soon we will be back to normal. My last picture today is a weed, the good old dandelion. But to me it looks like the sun. We all need some sunshine in our lives so I am sending you all some sunshine. It even goes out to the sour faces in hope they might cheer up.