As from April 1st we have been furloughed for the months of April and May. Depending what’s happening in the country after that is anyone’s guess. This means that the government will be paying 80% of our wages, so at least we can still eat and have a beer or wine as long as we can get them in the shops. We can also stay on site and if we wish do some work on site, cutting grass etc. We are not obliged to but if the mood takes me I will be out there, on the nice sunny days sat in the ride on mower cutting the grass. I also have a ever growing list of other things to do on the camper and in our compound etc. So we will not get bored. If I get bored and want to get away for a couple of nights I can start up the camper and drive round the site and have the choice of 90 pitches to stop on. Another thing I suggested to the other wardens was we put a beer and wine on certain pitches and then go to each pitch in turn and drink the beer and wine. That way we have our own pub crawl.

On part of the site is a small area which is called Snowdonia garden. This was started in May 2015 by clearing the area of brambles etc and moving some large stones to form a rockery. They were then in consultation with the north wales wildlife trust to create a topological plan to include the forests of Snowdonia. Trees already in place at the back of the garden, the rocks were to replicate the mountains of Snowdonia. The lighter more open areas to the front were planted with bee and butterfly flowers. The stone walls already there have a long standing history with the area and play an important part in accommodating wildlife and their food. These walls are all over Wales. I love them. The hurdle type fencing to the garden has been constructed from coppiced wood on site demonstrating the ancient craft, historically used to keep the sheep in.

Snowdonia garden

I really like this area and it is now my job to keep it up together and any ideas I have to put them into it. This was my choice and I am very happy about it. Treating as my own little project and doing something for the wildlife in the area and hopefully when the peaple return they will appreciate it. They better do. I spent a whole day clearing it up of all the dead plants etc. I don’t think a lot has been done to it the last Couple of years. I will continue to do bits and pieces throughout the season and watch as it changes over the months.

It’s already starting to look nice.

Some of the plants already coming out and starting to look good.

Another thing I am going to build is a bug house or bug hotel. This will be a wooden construction which will have different sections in to attract different bugs. There is one here already but I want to build another which will be better of course. Mine will be five star. It will include dead wood for wood lice and centipedes, Holes for solitary bees straw and hay for invertebrates to burrow in, loose bark and old slate etc to make other homes. The bottom of it will be an area for hedgehogs to hibernate in. Will post pics when I have built it. I can’t get hold of the planning department at the moment because they’re all working from home. I will probably just go ahead and make it and face them later.

A loverly piece of rotting wood for a home.
More rotting wood and moss covered walls

I will keep you posted on the progress as the season unfolds and let you know who has moved in. My friend the tree peeper keeps watch when I am not there.