Towards the end of last season we got the news we were to go to Snowdonia for the season. To say we were excited is a understatement. All through the winter we counted down the days, looking at maps, google earth, websites etc. The excitement grew and grew. Go to Snowdonia Mike they said. Fantastic. I can hike up Snowdon and have a hot chocolate in the cafe at the top, I can go to the mountain bike centre and blast around the tracks and downhills and have another hot chocolate in the cafe afterwards, I can go and surf at surf Snowdonia the wave pool in a lagoon and have yet another hot chocolate after to warm up, I can walk across to the pub from the site and have a beer with the locals or a hot chocolate, I can go on the steam railways and admire the views before returning for a hot chocolate, I can fly down the zip wire at over 100 MPH and then have another hot chocolate, not before.

And now here we are on a campsite with nobody to talk to and all the cafes, pubs, and attractions or playgrounds for me as I like to call them all closed. And now today we learn we can not go anywhere unless essential which is fair enough. Luckily we went shopping yesterday, although Nikki nearly broke down in tears at the checkout. Not at the price of our shopping but she was told she can only buy three bottles of wine instead of the six she had in the basket. My beer was ok as I had multi packs and by law your not allowed to split them. So three multipacks of beer with four beers in each. Don’t call me stupid.

So for now we will be keeping the site tidy, cutting grass etc and biking round an empty site to exercise, although the tracks from here are empty so I will go out on them sometimes because i am allowed to exercise and it’s so remote there is no chance of seeing anybody and even if you do you can avoid them. Stay safe everybody. Here are a couple of pictures. This is what I have to put up with.