We are lucky to be in North Wales this season, big open spaces, lack of crowds etc. The unlucky part is working on the campsite. It’s been very quiet, a lot of cancellations. And now as from yesterday we are closed until the 30th June. There were only five units on site but all told to leave. We do not know what is going to happen about our job, or pay yet but will hopefully find out more this week.

The country is in a real mess with a lot of peaple panic buying and still ignoring advice not to go out unless they really have to. Ok to go out if your not going to see anybody or keep your distance. I feel sorry for Philip schofield he has only just came out and is now being told to stay in. The closing of pubs is going to cause more panic buying in the supermarkets down the beer and wine aisle. The only thing that will be left on the shelves will be Corona lager. I never really liked that beer anyway. We have never experienced anything like this before so can only listen to advice and all get through it and come out smiling. At least all the talk about Brexit has stopped.

On a positive note yesterday we had a day off, the plan was to go out for a drive to Snowdon to get some pics. We cancelled that plan. A real shame the other hundreds and hundreds of peaple didn’t. I decided to go out on my bike up around lake Trawsfyndd where the power station is. The route was all country lanes and off road. Through woodland and over the dam. I saw two peaple, one sat in his car beside the tarmac piece of track and a dog walker who was at least a hundred metres away from me. The only other living things were sheep and birds. The sun was shining and the scenery was fantastic. The whole bike ride was 12 miles. Some pictures below of the ride.

The dam wall at the end of the lake.

The dam was built in 1992. Because the power station I mentioned in my last post used the water from the reservoir for cooling. The lake water temperature rose and now the power station is closed water temperatures are back to normal.

I never get tired of these views.
Up above the lake.

The scenery is fantastic, reminds me of places we go in Spain. When I stopped pedalling my bike all you could hear were birds singing and me panting from pedalling up the hill of course. The downhill parts were nice though.

Some of the sheep’s winter clothing left behind.

Further around the lake was a very long footbridge which was built for the landowners to cross because when the dam was built and flooded the land they had to go the long way round so the bridge was built to the village of Trawsfynydd. I expect they used to heard their sheep across it also.

The long footbridge.
It’s a long way across.

When I got back to site Nikki told me the news of the site closing. The rest of the day was spent pottering about. We have to go out today to get some shopping. We won’t be panic buying.