Sometimes when I am out and about on my bike, looking at the mountain views, the big lake I cycle around, lack of traffic on the small roads, blue skies and sunshine (and they said it always rains in Wales!) added to that all the road signs are in two languages and then if you hear the locals speaking they talk in another language. It is just like being in Spain.

The weather has been fantastic the last couple of weeks, add to that the fact we are not working all adds up to being pretty damn good. The BBQ has been out on more than one occasion with a nice cold beer and glass of wine just to wash the food down. The camper is all washed and polished and nowhere to go. I did start it up the other day and let it get up to temperature, I even caught Nikki in the driving seat looking in the mirrors etc. Dream on girl, it ain’t going to happen.

All the trees are greening up, it’s almost like it happens overnight, flowers are springing up all over the site. My Snowdon garden is really coming into life. The birds are nesting and the dawn chorus at about 5am is fantastic. You will have to believe me on that one unless you’re an early bird like me. Some of the flowers on site below.

Went out on the bike the other day, a different way to which I normally go but still with some very nice views across to the mountains. The picture with the pipe in goes for a couple of miles at least and comes from the big lake I cycle round to a small power plant and the water is used for cooling.

Mountain views on bike ride
Water pipe

Today me and Nikki went for a walk up to the dam. She had not been up there before so I persuaded her to come with me this time. It’s a five mile walk but she did well and really enjoyed it. On the way through the woods I am always looking for photo opportunities and really like the one below. Taken under the trees looking up, makes a great shot I think.

My list of jobs is not getting much shorter because I keep finding other jobs to do which are not on the list but it keeps me busy. Sometimes I just have a nothing day and even two sometimes because I didn’t finish my nothing day on the first one. So that’s up to date. I hope you are all well and keeping safe and not getting too bored.

One of the locals saying hello