We have been back in Devon now for just over two weeks making sure Nikki’s mum is ok. It’s been a tough two weeks because both me and Nikki also came down with bugs, properly caught from the hospital. Mine was worse than Nikki’s of course as it left me aching all over so much so that even my beard ached, that’s how bad it was. So the whole two weeks has been spent driving backwards and forwards to the hospital. We have had no time to see friends while being down here. We have not even been out for a beer. That proves how mad it’s been.

Then the good news Mi Mi was coming home, although we were not convinced she was ready for that just yet. Our thought were proven right as on the first night home she slipped off the bed and could not get back up, so at 11pm we got a call from her neighbour saying she can not get her up. A dash through the night to her flat and to pick her up from the floor. We then stayed the night sleeping on the floor to make sure she was ok. We did manage to get up off the floor in the morning. Carers are now coming in four times a day so she is in good hands. She still has a way to go but is heading in the right direction. (Be strong MiMi).

Another thing we have been thinking is we need a bigger car. Doing the job we do we have so much more stuff to carry about with us and we are really not set up for this. Our little tow car has been great, it’s tows great and is nice to have when we get somewhere so we can get about easier for shopping etc. It’s not really a long distance car and my surfboard and mountain bike are impossible to carry on it, making it a real pain. But changing the car brings its own problems. It means when we travel to the next site we will be in separate vehicles. Not really a problem as this will only happen at the start of the season and at the end of season. Some of the boxes can travel in the car, because we are carrying to much weight in the camper. Having the small car limits us so much.

When we travel like this and get somewhere I have to take all this out to get my bike out, go for a bike ride then pack it all in again, it’s like a military operation. And if it’s raining it’s a pain.

At least the weather has been great this last week, really frosty mornings but nice clear blue sky’s in the day. The car may be frosty but inside the camper is toastie.

The sunrise this morning was fantastic. I don’t mind these sort of days and if we got them all the time we would spend more time in the uk in the winter. Well maybe.

So tomorrow we head out on the road again. We have to move on and MiMi is in good hands, although it is still hard to leave. We are heading for Dorset tomorrow and then on to Brighton before we start heading north to start work. We have to head north from Brighton obviously as we will be on the south coast there. My calendar looks a right mess because we had all the sites and dates planned before we had to come back to Devon. One of the reasons i don’t like planning to much, because you never know what’s round the corner. And all the best layed plans can be changed so quickly. Just hope the weather stays good.