We left Pembrey in glorious sunshine but with a cloud over us wondering how Mi Mi (Nikki’s mum) was going to be. She got her name MiMi because every time she rings up she says it’s Me, so we started calling her MiMi a long time ago and still do. The journey is virtually all motorway but it’s a long one, from Pembrey you go towards Bristol via the severn bridge and then head south on the M5 to Junction 27 Tiverton and then on the A361. It’s the Bristol Chanel that gets in the way. I suppose I could have got my surfboard out and paddled across the Chanel.

After getting to south molton where the campsite is I set everything up and Nikki went off to see her mum. MiMi had taken a fall and now has an infection on her lungs etc. She has good days and bad days. We are seeing her every day but it’s so sad to see her so weak and frail. Get well soon MI Mi.

While on the campsite I have been up the woods for walks and by the small river that runs through the site looking for photo opportunities The flowing river with a long exposure, almost looks like ice.

Yesterday I left Nikki up the hospital on her own while I went out and did a few things I had to do. Chores done I headed for the beach at Woolacombe for my lunch. Not in a pub, or a cafe, or some friends house. I had the best seat in the house as they say. Sat on this bench in the sunshine with my little packed lunch I had made earlier. Cheese and ham sandwich and a pork pie if your interested and water to wash it down with. Not as good as a nice big steak and a pint of Guinness but the location is good. I have sat on this bench many times gazing out to see, checking the surf out, thinking about life. What’s happened, what’s going to happen. The waves keep rolling in regardless of what’s happening, which is how life is I think. You have to just get on with life regardless of what’s going on. There will be hurdles along the way but you have to get over them.