The weather has been pretty kind to us at Pembrey and the time we have had here is not enough. I could easily spend a month here. I went out on my bike a couple of days ago, leaving Nikki still recovering from her fall at home. I went all along the coast path to Llanelli and beyond. About 16 miles in total. The only reason I never stayed out longer was it was colder than I thought when I set off being next to the sea, and my muscles were getting cold. Maybe I should put some long trousers on.

There’s light At the end of the tunnel.

The next day was rest day and Nikki wanted to go into Llanelli to have a mooch about. For such a big town I was surprised how run down it was. Most shops Nikki goes in I stand out side watching the world go by and looking around, above shopfront height, the paint was peeling, green alge streaks, running down the walls, and the gutters were growing their own roof gardens. The indoor market was nice but a lot of stalls closed up. By lunch time we had seen enough the rain was starting.

Looks like reindeer.

So tomorrow we set off again, this time heading for North Devon which is an about turn, we were supposed to be heading for Henley on Thames. But how things change. Nikki’s mum was taken into hospital last night after a fall. (Get well Mi Mi) so we are going to Devon to see her and make sure she is ok to go home etc. Hopefully she will be home soon and our uk tour will be back on track , it just means we will be going a different way and have to change all the dates of seeing friends and family.

Today has been a sunny day and very mild. Had time to wash the bike off and pack everything up ready for travel tomorrow. And of course one last walk down the beach to smell, listen and watch the sea.

Some fungi in the forest.