We left Tredegar in glorious sunshine and headed west along the M4 towards Pembrey. You’re on the motorway for about an hour, passing the built up area of port Talbot with its huge industrial area of the steel works belching out smoke and steam. The steel works employs about 4000 peaple so most of the houses in that area must have someone who works there.

When you come of the motorway you head for Llanelli which is the biggest town in Wales. Can someone please tell them they need a relief road to take all the traffic out of the town. We hit the traffic and it was stop start stop start all the way through the town. I always know it’s going to be a challenge when I see signs that say town centre and the sat nav is sending us that way. This was no exception, multiple lanes, small roundabouts, buses and lorry’s, one of which very kindly tucked his mirrors in other wise we would have had a big scratch all along the side of the camper. But we got through.

We arrived at site, checked in and parked up. Nikki made a quick sandwich. I was busting to get down the beach, just to breath in the sea air and hear the waves crashing on the beach. So she left all the sorting out and off we went to the beach. It’s about a mile away, a ten to fifteen minute walk, and we could hear the sea from the site.

When peaple asked us what we were doing for Xmas, we told them we were going to be near the beach and on Xmas day we would be going down the beach and having a drink on the beach. We got to the beach and took a deep breath of salty air. I spotted a washed up log ( Yule log ) and decided that was to be our seat on Xmas day.

After a quick walk up and down part of the beach we returned to the camper to get settled. The next day Xmas eve the weather had changed and it was showers but we still went out for a small drive along the coast to Burry Port. Burry Port is a tiny little town, a bit run down but has a train station and a marina. I expect in the summer it’s bustling but the same as a lot of seaside towns in the winter goes dead.

Christmas morning we got up and Nikki cooked a big breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding (only for me) beans , mushrooms, fried potatoes. Can you feel your arteries closing up. We don’t do this every day I must add. This was going to see us through the day, well most of it. The weather was fantastic, the wind had dropped, the sun was out and the sky was blue. Breakfast done, washing up done, by me I will add and as said before I don’t do that everyday.

Rucksack loaded ( survival rations) and off we go to the beach hoping that my Yule log has not been taken away by the tide.

It was still there so happy days. There were a few other people, about ten I think I counted on the beach but we knew they would be going home soon to their turkey dinner. It was midday at this point. As we poured our drinks and sat on our Yule log grinning like Cheshire cats and sipping our drinks we realised how lucky we are to able to do stuff like this which costs nothing and gives so much pleasure. When so many families, couples, singles, kids etc are doing stuff on this day they don’t really want to but feel they have to. I think we have got it right. We got some funny looks from passing peaple, but then that normally happens with us. I think it’s Nikki. So I would just like to wish you all Happy Holidays. Cheers or as we are in Wales Yaki Da