We arrived at Cheddar in glorious sunshine. Booked in and pitched up. Again it’s a campsite we have used before so know the area and the pubs, which we said we were staying out of this time. When we checked in the wardens remembered us and were saying about the nice pub down the road. The Bath arms is a loverly pub, a bit expensive but very nice. The last time we were in cheddar we went there with friends. Never say things you don’t mean. So another town another bar was the order of the day. Just sometimes a little voice in my head says, you know you want a pint down the pub, go on, you know you want to. I suggest it to Nikki and before I have got the words out of my mouth she has her coat on and is waiting at the door. So off to the Bath arms we went. Got to admit it was nice being back in there, sat by the window watching the world go by. Everyone rushing about doing their Xmas shopping or going home from work.

While here I planned to walk up cheddar gorge cliff walk. But the next day the weather was so bad with storm Atiyah hitting the UK I cancelled that plan. I don’t like just sitting in the camper staring out the window. After a while I start to lick them. Now and again is fine when you just want a nothing day. But more than that I start to go stir crazy.

What are we going to do today says Nikki. We wanted to go to Glastonbury but neither of us wanted to just go there, roam about in the rain and then come home. What about Clark’s shopping village she says. Oh great roaming around shops, I can’t wait. NOT At least it’s gets us out for the day. A whole day around shops I say, I would rather sit here and lick the windows.

So off we go in the car to Clark’s shopping village. We park up and pay. The shopping village is just a load of shops. A lot of them are discounted and factory shops. The first shop I see is Tog 24 and it reminds me I need a new waterproof coat so in we go. Now me and shopping are not two things you put together. I tried on, not one but three coats, different sizes, different colours and still could not make my mind up and walked out with nothing. We browsed the other shops and had lunch. Nikki got some shoes. On the way back to the car we stopped in Tog 24 again and again we come out with nothing. Back at the car Nikki says you should have got that coat it was nice and looked good on you and you need one. Shall I go back in and get it. Yes. So I go back to the shop, I pick up the one I had decided on, try it on, put it down, pick up the other one try it on put it down, this goes on for another 15 minutes and in the end I buy the most expensive one, not the one I went back for. I waited until we were driving away from the shops to tell Nikki that and there was no way I was going back. It is a nice coat though and yes I did need it.

The next day was windy but dry with the odd shower so we went for walk up into cheddar, I wanted to get some photos. The gorge is fantastic from every angle and the town itself has some great old shops. This time of year is very quiet so not a lot of peaple about.

There was plenty of water around due to all the rain we had over the last couple of days. This cafe looked very inviting with the bike outside. Makes a great photo.

We walked past all the shops into the gorge. I wanted to get some photos so I walked on a bit further while Nikki strolled back down towards the shops. Most of which were closed thankfully. There were some sunny spells and the sunlight lit up the gorge in places and cast shadows on others.

Just up the road from the campsite is a huge big farm that has a market/ boot sale on every Sunday and also includes some antique stores. It’s all indoors so weather not a problem. It’s our last day here today so we decided to go there for a look around. The usual boot sale stuff was of no interest but some of the antique stalls and collectables were really nice to look around.

Tomorrow we leave cheddar and head for Tredegar, in Newport South Wales. Another site we have been to before but last time we were working there. This time we can stare out the windows and watch others working. But no window licking, but I must say the windows do look clean.