Our time off is flying away so fast. We left Dulverton and headed for Barnstaple to get the camper and car Mot done. We have used the same garage for a while now because we have a good relationship with the owner and the team there. Peaple we can trust with our vehicles. We drove straight past the campsite at south molton we were going to stay on while down this way and there seemed to be plenty of space so that was good, although we did have a booking.

The camper was in for mot and a pair of new headlights (don’t ask how much they were) and some brakes pads. The car for just a mot but needed a new cv joint. While all that was being done we went to the dentist for our annual check up. You could say our teeth needed an MOT. After paying the dentist bill and the garage bill we headed for the campsite stopping only to refuel the camper on the way. All checked in at the campsite and pitched up and a empty wallet. A expensive day, but these things have to be done.

The next day we went to see Nikki’s mum for a cup of tea and there’s always a biscuit or two to go with it. And a odd job here and there to do, but it’s always a pleasure to do. On the Wednesday I had to wait in because a guy was coming to fit a new tracker on the camper. More expense, no wonder were not away in Europe this winter. A tracker is a electronic device which is hidden on the vehicle and sends out a pulse. If it was ever stolen, apart from me standing there in tears and Nikki wondering where all her wine has gone, the tracker company can tell the police where it is. After the fitter left I washed the camper because it was so dirty, especially the roof from being parked up under some trees.

No peace for the wicked, the next day we went back into Barnstaple to take Nikki’s mum out to lunch. A nice small pub we know of and a very nice lunch, although not as cheap as being in Spain for lunch.

South molton is a loverly small town and really old fashioned. The shops close on a Thursday afternoon and are all closed on a Sunday just like all towns used to. I really like that. But in this modern world we live in now everyone wants to be in the shops all the time. You only have to look at the big supermarkets Boxing Day etc, peaple buying enough shopping to feed an army, or thinking the worlds going to end so stocking up on food. For gods sake the shops are only closed for two days and some of then don t even close.

The campsite is one we have stayed on before, nice big pitches which are fully serviced, there’s three fishing lakes if your into fishing, a small river runs through the site and there’s a nice woodland to walk around. I always have to go up the woods for a walk and talk to the trees and see the wildlife. The picture below of a recently felled tree, it’s life over but still smelling so sweat.

The next two photos of the river which runs through the site are almost taken from the exact same spot but are nearly ten years apart and the weather was a bit different then. That was a cold winter.


2010 winter

Yesterday our friends Mark and karly and there daughter Caitlin came over for a catch up. I used to work with Mark on the holiday park and we always used to have a good laugh. What better place to catch up than a pub. Funnily enough the campsite just happens to have one on site. It’s called a country club and it’s very nice. The beer and food was excellent and a good time was had by all.

Tomorrow we up jacks and hitch up the car and head out on the highway. Next destination Cheddar in Somerset.