The heating service was completed by about 11 am so we paid the bill and hooked up Timmy tow car and headed out on the highway towards Henley on Thames. Arrived at The campsite in good time and all set up on the pitch by about 1pm. The trees looked loverly in their autumn colours.

Henley on Thames is a loverly area, but a very expensive area. We looked in some of the estate agents windows as we walked to the pub. We decided that for us the pub was the best option. We could afford a beer and a glass of wine. We could not afford a house/ flat/ garden shed in Henley on Thames. Another day we walked down by the river and decided to go for a coffee. Found this loverly cafe called the chocolate cafe. If you are ever in Henley and like chocolate then I can recommend this place. You really are spoilt for choice. I had a chilli hot chocolate and Nikki had a coffee. To compliment them Nikki had an oatey cake and I had a large slab of rocky road.

We were supposed to leave Henley and go to Liphook in Hampshire to get the jacks on the camper refurbished but they rang and asked if we could re book because they were having trouble, so we will get them done in the new year now.

Our next stop after Henley was Brighton so again we hooked up Timmy tow car and headed south. The journey was all motorway M4-M25-M23 so really boring. The only excitement was when we decided to get fuel. This is always a exciting time because we need to find a fuel station we can get in and out of easily as we are 44 ft long when on the road. Add to that that you can’t reverse with the car on the back because the minute you try to the front wheels on the car turn. The first garage we saw a sign for was closed when we got to it, so a turn around the roundabout and back on the highway for a few more miles. Take two, as we pulled of the main road and aimed for the pumps it was looking a bit tight for the exit. All fuelled up and exited all ok. Nikki could breathe again

So here we are in Brighton now for a few days. It’s a big campsite and nice big pitches. We saw some other wardens we met while on our training so that was nice to catch up with them, also saw a couple who stayed at Cirencester when we were there. While we are here Nikki wants to go around the shops and walk along the seafront. I will do the walk along the seafront bit. This morning I went out on my bike There is a cycle path that runs all along under the cliffs from the Marina to peace haven. It was great to be out on my bike and right by the sea and the sun was out. Bonus.

After going to the end of the path I went back the other way to the pier and then on to the old derelict pier to get a photo. I am using my new phone as my main camera now and must say I am very impressed with it. I also have a App on the phone which tells me where I have been and how fast I have been etc for when I am out on my bike. Today’s little bimble along the seafront I covered 14 miles.

The derelict pier still looks nice in my eyes.