After leaving Poolsbrook we drove, or I drove to Haughton to see some friends. They have a very nice bungalow and a lot of land. They have turned part of the land into a CL. A CL is a certified location which you are allowed to have five campers or caravans stay on. They are all over the UK. Maurice has done a great job. We were the only ones there that day.

It was good to catch up with Maurice and Judy and to see his American car, an Edsel which sounded so nice.

We left there on Saturday morning and headed for slimbridge to a campsite right by the canal. The slimbridge wildfowl trust is about a twenty minute walk down the lane. We never went there but we will return to go there as I like birds and it’s one of the best places to see a huge variety. Just outside the campsite is a pub, the Tudor arms which is actually only 95 steps from the pitch we were on. Funny how coming back from the pub it was 153 steps. We met friends in the pub who only live about twenty minutes away. They use to come down to Devon and stay on the site we were working on. Sunday we went for a walk down the canal to blow the cobwebs out. I do like canal boats and the peaple who own them always seem to be so friendly. Waving as they tootle past at walking pace. I liked the chimney decorations on a couple of them.

Before leaving slimbridge yesterday I went back over to the pub at 7.30 am for a nice big breakfast, and just to check on the number of steps to get there and back. It was 95 steps each way so the 153 coming back that night after seeing friends for a drink or two, I can only think someone must have spiked my drink.

Got back down to Devon and went and picked the car up. Flat battery but no problem when you have a small starter pack. Fired up straight away and with Nikki following me we headed for a campsite in south molton which we have stayed on before when we had our big Winnebago. The site has changed a lot since we were here, all for the better. Joe the owner was his usual self and we went and had a pint with him and a good laugh. We will be here for a week or so, got things to do, peaple to see, places to go to. So since getting of the ferry we have done a further 792 miles to get us back to Devon. No I never got lost that was all the running around we done. Since leaving Devon after finishing work for our winter trip and now getting back to Devon we have travelled 3551 miles. Now all we have to do is start work next month for the summer so we can go away again in November.