We left Brighton in glorious sunshine and headed for John cross motorhomes at robertsbridge to get our awning fixed. All fixed, just need some sun now so we can use it again. It’s only been broke a year. We left there and headed for Bicester to a campsite we used a few years ago in the RV. Nice and quiet this time of year. Set up on the pitch and a chicken came to greet us and some weird ducks had a look in also. This stop was just to break the journey up on our way to Poolsbrook in the Peak District.

The next morning we said goodbye to the chickens and weird ducks, they are so ugly but nice at the same time. Heading out on the highway for Poolsbrook. Up north. Nice campsite beside some lakes and right next to the trans peninsula way, a collection of paths that go from east to west or west to east of the Uk. The reason for coming this far up north was we needed to get a new screen cover made for the camper. From this site the company were only half an hours drive away. Bright and early next morning we were sat outside the unit on a industrial site at 8.30 waiting for them to open. Nikki loved getting up early and packing everything away.

The company that we’re making the screen cover have a good reputation and get good reviews. So when we arrived at a small shabby looking unit that was on a dodgy looking estate with cars abandoned we wondered if we had the right place. The owner arrived and we chatted about what I wanted to change from the old screen cover. Had a look round inside the unit to see how things are made etc. Two hours later we were driving away with our new screen cover. Not on the camper though, that would be silly and dangerous. A great company and a great product. Don’t be fooled by first impressions. The camper with it’s nice new screen cover.

Today we went for a walk along some of the paths to Staveley, a small village/town only about a mile or so away. A walk around, luckily no bloody shoe shops this time. Saw some loverly old buildings including the old cinema, long closed down. Found this row of old cottages which had been bought back to life with what looks like reclaimed bricks etc. The back of the cottages were still old original stone. I think they look really nice and make a nice photo.

The peaple up north often joke about the southern softies, but I will tell you something. I never saw anyone wearing shorts up here only me, and it was a glorious day up north. Tomorrow we start heading south.