After our snowy arrival back in the UK, thank you British weather. We left Wareham Forest tourist park in sunshine to head for another campsite right next to Gatwick airport. The reason for this we were booked in a hotel for our training for our new jobs at Lingfield. The Gatwick site is only about half an hour away so we would arrive fresh and ready for school.

As soon as we booked in on the campsite I asked if I could wash the camper because it was so dirty after driving up through spain and France and all the snowy roads in UK. I hate my camper being dirty. The lady on reception was very good and pointed me in the direction of the wash area. A lot of campsites don’t allow you to wash your campers or caravans. Camper washed and pitched up, lunch time. If you were a plane spotter you would love the campsite. Not my cup of tea but we were only there to make it easier for us the next day. We didn’t realise so many planes take off and land so often. We would hear them and then see them soaring over the trees at the end of the campsite. You could still see the one that had just taken off and another would be going up. Bloody noisy too. They started early in the morning also.

We left the campsite and headed for Lingfield Marriott country club and race course which is where we were booked in for five nights to do our training. Parked the camper up in the hotel carpark taking up four spaces. Not my fault they don’t have bays for campers. There were another three campers there. Off to the meet and great session and get our info for the coming week. Name tags and uniform for the coming season etc. Listen to the big boss do his chat. There were about 90 of us on the training course split into four groups. Me and Nikki were in different groups. Checked in to the hotel room and then down for dinner. We don’t do hotels as we have our own hotel on wheels so it’s all different especially for me. Nikki has done a few hotels in the past when she used to go on her conferences. So she knew how to get in the room with a little plastic card. I must say we were looked after very well throughout our stay. We got paid mileage, hotel for five nights, three meals a day and we even got paid for being there. The training was from 9-5 with two half hour T breaks and an hour for lunch. A lot of topics were covered. A bit of information overload but it was an insight into everything we will be doing.

On the last night there was a dinner dance, I don’t dance because I would have to do a risk Assessment but Nikki was up on the dance floor reliving her disco days. Met some great peaple and had a great laugh. I must admit I did go out to the camper every morning to make sure it was ok. We still have one more day doing machine training at the beginning of March and then onto our site which now we are going to Cirencester. Supposed to be a nice site but we are still going to be covering other sites if needed.

We left the hotel this morning after one last big breakfast and headed for Brighton. Very windy journey and lots of rain. Tomorrow hopefully the rain will ease so we can get out and about for some fresh air.